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One from my folder...
Posted On: 03/01/2021 23:29:21


I usually like writing with a light-hearted approach because I figure life brings hardship and difficulties and it would be better to bring something to my blog which will help brighten my friend's day. In the middle ground, there is writing what is happening – sort of like filling in a diary – not that I've ever kept one!
On the other hand, I have written articles which simply talk about life, in general with myself as the centre of whatever the experience is that evoked the idea to write it out. After all, when you write something, it would be coming from within; from one's personal experience – trimmed with artistic prose; dusted with pixie dust to give it some colour, and garnished with sprigs of reality!
Accepting change; that can be very difficult. Often when you have been in a set routine for a long time, it becomes second nature; and therefore harder to break! At least, that is what I have experienced. I suppose it's different for everyone. Everyone deals with some kind of challenge; sometimes on a daily basis.
It brings to mind a long winding path from early on in life, from experiences which happened when we were very young, to those issues which were being dealt with once school was a dim history; and in among these new challenges, it is the way that we bounce back that never ceases to amaze me!
Loss of loved ones; leaves a hole in your existence; since no one could possibly replace the person who has passed, you are left to mange that loss; real and long lasting bereavement takes it's toll and yet we find strength we did not even know we had! Gallantly, we carry on, working to be there for those who have also lost and been through similar things; and of course, those who are family who have also experienced the same loss….
Along with personal loss, there is the loss of quote; " What might have been…." In the course of existence, you are at a fork in the road of your journey; you make your choice, and with gathering momentum; you travel the chosen road, where ever it takes you. It is a long, sometimes arduous journey. You learn much along the way......

One fine day, you spot a seat in a meadow.
It looks very inviting so you take off your hat, and sit down, gratefully: it has been a VERY long walk…..
You're sitting there, not really taking much notice of the beautiful butterfly which has landed on your shoe… Instead, you are reflecting on the fork in the road; all those years ago, and wondering what might have been, had you taken the other road…..

No matter which road you are on, it is your feet which must take you to where ever that road leads. Only you can decide the direction! 


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