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Weird Pet Behaviour
Posted On: 03/14/2021 23:33:42

Hello. How are you!

I thought I'd come over not only because it's Monday, but because I felt it might be good to share some old stories about some of our pets, and their funny little habits!  Here we go!  

* Luba, the family dog,  had a 'crush' on rocks! Oh yes my friends - she LOVED chewing on them. She'd find one she thought was worthy.... sit down on the side of it, and then, tenderly, lovingly, and yearningly, begin to chew on it.... gushing and salavating all over it, she'd be in seventh heaven!  The result of this mad crush she had meant all her teeth had square ends instead of being pointed, because she'd gradually worn them down!

* Binky - our orange and cream pet tabby cat.  She loved onion.  And tomato.  And Lettuce.  She was a Salad-lovin' puss that's for sure. I don't think it had any detrimental effect on her ..... but we all used to laugh about her special 'diet'...She liked well done steak too!!..

* Blackies - my very own, personal and very special cat. I was given her as a kitten, so we were fast friends.  She had 6th sense. She would sense if I was upset.... So if I was unhappy about anything,  she'd climb up on my bed when it was night time, and sit with me! She'd snuggle in, burrowing her head next to mine, and purr loudly! She did this, until she thought I'd gone to sleep.  Then she'd hightail it outta there, zipping up onto the window ledge, and off she'd go, to play in her night time playground. She would wait, always, until I was asleep (I tested it once - pretending to be asleep)

Cartoon Cat Pushing A Flower Pot Off The Window Sill, Funny Naughty Pet  Animal Breaking Things. Stock Vector - Illustration of mischievous, flower:  156731966

* Luba's Ballet lessons.  Sometimes when Luba came into the yard, after a furiously busy morning, I'd find her there, panting with her tongue lolling out of the side of her mouth, her sundrenched eyes half closed in the rapture of the heat of the day. When she was in this zone, I'd sit cross-legged next to her, and begin our ballet lessons! I'd gently take her paw, and point her leg here and there, telling her she was doing great, while her eyes would roll in her head, she'd be 'smiling'!  I did it with her back legs too!  Sometimes I would get her tail into the act. She wasn't too happy about that one, so I usually left the tail out of it!!


* The backyard Fence - or The Pie, from National Velvet. The fence was to all intents and purposes, a horse for me to ride in the grand national! Yes, our Fence was The Pie, and I had a rein attached somehow and off we'd gallop down the stretch.... we were such great winners, the Pie and me..... 

So tell me.. did you have any pets that did strange things, or ate unusual foods?!  Just leave a note below, and share ~ thanks for the fun.....

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03/18/2021 00:31:49

Hello TexasJane! . . .  well, that's good to know - I mean about how to stop cat poop eatin' with a few drops of hot sauce!!  Hamlet sounds cute - I feel sure that Tom Thumb would have really objected to his litter tray being used by ANYONE or ANYTHING...HAHA!  Such fun. 
And how about that 'eight-ball' a-hauling things - big HEAVY things... awesome!  Thanks for stopping by today, I so totally enjoyed your replies!  *Smiles*

03/17/2021 22:28:00

Luba sounds wonderful as do all your fur babies.  I have heard of dogs who eat rocks.  Poor dears don't know they ain't suppsta do that.

I will say that the dog eating cat poop is not unusual.  It can be stopped.  Believe it or not putting a couple of drops of hot sauce on some of it might do the trick.  My biggest problem was Hamlet, my pottbellied pig using Tom Thumb's (my cat) kitty box.  Tom Thumb, hated it. 

I had a shepard once named eight-ball, you guessed it (he was solid black), he like to carry huge fallen tree branches.  My backyard looked like I was a wood collector.  Once he brought home a Christmas tree.  I am sure someone was getting it out of their car and he just picked it up and took off.  I have had many pets of all sorts of species from bird to turtle.  I even raised butterflies for a while.  I am a fur baby lover and I just cannot help myself.

I never could stop Hamlet from kissing his reflection.

03/15/2021 23:35:57

Wow I broke into a spontaneous laugh when I heard about Dixie's antics! No wonder you're a-tryin her out on some toothpaste and all.... haha!  Well I wanna wish you well with the whole mouth-freshening up thing and thanks bunches for coming by... I really enjoyed your photo and story! LOL.. I'm sorry I don't have a pic of Luba handy - goodness knows WHERE on earth our photos are after 4 moves in as many years, it could be almost anywhere! LOL So anyhow I found a web pic which sort of approximates her...She had some other really hilarious antics as well which I've just remembered... Mother used to LOVE snorkling up and down the coast... She was an ace with swimming and all things beach and so forth.  Our dog used to come down even though she wasn't strictly speaking, allowed on the beach but she'd sneak her way down there, and then, spying the floating snorkle (She KNEW it was mum) she'd follow her up and down the coast, prancing along the beach keeping a wary eye on her...... she was like a Guard Dog! haha! Mum knew about it and it made her laugh.... See you later....

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03/15/2021 19:49:42

Our dog Dixie is almost 13..she is a basset hound-terrier mix..black n white. She eats cat poop from next door neighbors cat box. I always have to run ahead of her when we visit there, so to close the closet door (laundry area) where the litter box is. Recently got a toothbrush and toothpaste for her..did not go well. We will try again later this week :)

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