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Anyone got any rusks?!
Posted On: 04/13/2021 22:17:17

Another day hits town, and for me, it was a 4.30 a.m wake up. I think it has something to do with the fact that I seem to be . . . . teething! YES .... I did say teething! 

Seriously, ever since my mid 20's, every few years, one of my wisdom teeth makes a move; an effort to break through the gum, and when that happens, I feel like I'm teething! I get sore gums, a bit of a face ache, and on the side of this 'event'... I get a sore and swollen tonsil!

  How about that?! I have left it alone because I hear that anything to do with wisdom teeth can be an absolutely horrendous experience, and I figure why rock the boat?!  It only causes a little bit of discomfort - a little pain, for a couple of days, and then it's gone, for another 4 or 5 years... sometimes longer! 

Well wonders will never cease! I tell you....stories I've heard about wisdom teeth, removal of, operations about etc.... well it's enough to make me want to rush off in any direction but that of the dentist! So my early wake up was due to some of the unpleasant symptoms, and now here I am - waiting for the day to follow through with regular routine, so when the time comes, I can get back to bed! I almost never want to sleep in day hours - I've only ever done that on very rare occasions.   

Alright, that's it for this post.  See you later. Hope you have a good day.


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04/15/2021 21:12:44

Dear Billpil,  Whoa... that must have been quite an unpleasant experience. There are times when we are GLAD we are looking back, and not in the middle of, these kinds of memories!! Thanks for your kind note. 

04/15/2021 08:23:24

When I had my wisdom teeth out 1 of the three was in sideways and the doc had to break it up to remove it. Now every 4 or 5 years or so I get sore at that site for a few days and another fragment will come out. I hope someday I will finally run out of fragments, until then I'm glad they make Anbesol!

Good Luck!

04/14/2021 20:27:35

Hey there Beth... thanks for sharing with me.... wow some folks sure are brave! Not me...uh uh. haha! I am doing much better today thanks! Slept all night too...xx


Hey there altara3 .....wow you sure had a big thing to deal with there.. Phew. I'm glad you came out of that experience very well.  Thanks for stopping by today...xx

04/14/2021 08:14:15

ouch! Hope you feel better soon.  Wisdom teeth are tricky for sure. I had one removed surgically. Not fun.  I also had an xray and my dentist said one of miine had never descended...just under the gums hanging out so we left it alone! lol.  Have a good day and get some rest!

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