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back on the hill, i missed you guys
Posted On: 08/12/2016 16:26:41

hi every one  Diane's death threw me for a six but i am getting better hopefully, janet my daughter came to canada and took me back to her house in australia she had the best intentions i think but it was a nightmare i moved to my new home in the albert gardens a retirement village in beaudesert Queensland it'sidependent living but all my meals are provided either in the dining room or if we prefer our own units i have seen and felt a lot of TLC since getting here from residents and staff i really needed that but never felt it in janets house boo hoo  forarthur sad but true bye for now my brain is fading, been crook the past few weeks with hospital stays for bladder and lung infections now clear hopefully


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09/07/2016 17:20:29

mountainKat wrote:

Welcome home, Arthur.  So many changes, so much to adjust to, and, yet, it sounds like you are making friends.  One step at a time.

hi love, i am getting my new life together slowly when Diane died i thought my life was over but with the help of lovely new friends at my new home at the albert gardens retirement villiage in beaudesert, a country town between brisbane and thre gold coast in queensland australia the staff here, manager ,sounds like shawna  but spelt the gaceltik way and her off sider sonya they have pilled tons of TLC on me, i really needed that my short stay at my daughters was a nightmare her bully boy husband was verbally abusive janet wasn't much better for 24/7 i was told they wanted me out of the house so i got out to the albert it seems they tell their friends it was me who got into a tizwas one day and just left that is the story their friens told me on facebook why on earth they insisted i return to oz and live with them is anyones guess i'm very glad they did as my new friends and old friends in oz have all supported me during my grieving for Diane in a few weeks i have a short holiday in Adelaid wher i will stay with a long time net friend June she invited me to stay at her home to save motel costs there is nothing romantic here just very good net friends but i have stayed with loving fgamily if june and i don't hit it off in real life it couldn't be worse but i don't think that will be the case june is dedorced she had a terrible break up with anthone her 20 od year husband he came out of the closet one day and told her he was gay and had a boyfriend he wanted to live with the poor girl must have been devestated she had no idea anything was wrong my attension is going, bloody stroke lol bye for now and thank you for your message i am very fond of June as a friend butas i said not in a romantic way but who knows what might happen it's a new life DIane would expect me to gert on with it and seek happines again and go with the flow she was also a net friend of june and they got on like a house on fire in many ways they are very much alikeif i remember i will drop you a line about how m,y holiday works out but memory was also a victime of the stroke my brain is damaged but it is still working to repair damage the stroke caused my vision is back to normal,but i still can't play the piano or write decent poetry, small fry stuff really it could have been a lot worse i was lucky to survive such a bad stroke, my lovely lady didn't survive her stroke that's don it, the bloody trars are floeing again bye for now, arthur

09/01/2016 13:43:41

Welcome home, Arthur.  So many changes, so much to adjust to, and, yet, it sounds like you are making friends.  One step at a time.

08/22/2016 12:18:38

Missed you, glad to see you back. So sorry for your loss. Take care of your self & get well. Love & Hugs TP

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