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04/15/2021 10:20:17

Good Morning to you. Its a cool and cloudy day here today with a chance for rain. I sure hope we get some as its much needed. How are you doing? I'm doing good. Just ready to see the sun shine as its been cloudy all week. Feels like winter here and not spring. I hope you have a great day. Take care my friend.  Cheryl

04/15/2021 10:17:38

May your Thursday day be ever so kind to you. Hope your having that second cup of coffee and or tea like  I will shortly. Share your smile please for someone will be happy you did so and in return will share their smiles.  Smiles    Gloria

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. ~Robert Brault, rbrault.blogspot.com

04/14/2021 15:38:25

 Such a crazy afternoon for we are still getting off and on snow and a rainy mist.  A nice Bear Creek Soup Mix day. Always like to have several on hand on this type of a day to make one feel warm and cozy.  Spring are you still here? Hope you show up again one of these fine days.  The tulips planted last fall are starting to come out of the ground.  May you have a nice afternoon.  Smiles   Gloria

04/14/2021 12:41:11

Hi there. Its a lovely day here. Kind of cloudy and cool but not to bad. I hope you have a great day and take care my friend. Cheryl

04/14/2021 10:37:02

i really want to start my garden, but the weather here is so unpredictable...in fact we still might get some snow. i've started a few plants in the house...waiting patiently..lol

04/13/2021 11:41:16

hello, how about wishing you, a nice,

Tuesday, special, full of happiness,

and peace, take care ,kisses,maria----

04/12/2021 12:13:49

Hello, Think, that Monday is just one more day, 

and face it, with your best face. Happy day! full of

joys, and peace, take care, kisses,maria-------

04/12/2021 11:49:01

Hi there. Its Monday and a cloudy one here. Going to have some chances for rain this week. I sure hope we get some as it is much needed. Not much going on here, just starting the laundry and stopped to wish everyone a great day. I hope you have a great day and take the time to enjoy it. Take care. Cheryl

04/12/2021 10:55:44

A glorious Monday to you. At the moment I am enjoying a cup of coffee with some dark chcolate almond creamer from coffee mate to make the coffee  ever so smooth . Silly  me for I am looking forward to seeing some snow coming down this afternoon along with rain.  I so like seeing winter and spring  mixing together as spring finally wins out. Even at my age it still tickles my inners and puts a smile on  my face.  I believe this is a nice day to find a  puzzle to put together as I stay cozy warm in the home these next few days until winter and spring settle down.  May you have a  pleasant week.  Smiles  Gloria

Happiness and sadness run parallel to each other. When one takes a rest, the other one tends to take up the slack. ~Hazelmarie "Mattie" Elliott

04/12/2021 10:03:52


You know I'm OK with Monday, but I did think this was cute.  Already got Apple support to fix my iCloud storage this morning; finished my scriptures and ready to go out and watch for my hummingbirds.  Sat in the sun for a while yesterday since we are to have clouds for the next week or 10 days with slim chances of rain.  


I even got my first video of my Ruby Throated Hummingbird yesterday.  Hubby moved some of the larger plants that require a dolly to move them for me and I watered everything since rain is a scattered chance at best.  


So I'm off to watch for birds and enjoy the day.  Not happy about waiting a week, a month, or longer (year) for the nerves in the face, eyebrow, and eyelid to rejuvenate.  My ear is still totally numb and part of my face and I'm sure part of my neck.  But hey, no pain.  Praise God.  Thanks again for stopping by as it really does put a smile on my face.  


04/12/2021 09:18:56

04/12/2021 08:01:42

good morning Rhonda, sounds like you have been a busy bee.  Now time to enjoy all your hard work by swinging in your swing and watching the birds. lol.  We've had storms and rain since Friday so was very glad to see the sun out this morning.  Have a good new week friend and enjoy the Spring weather!

04/12/2021 04:00:28

fGood morning my friend Rhonda
Many :))) Jo

04/11/2021 11:34:52

hello, Sunday is the day of the week that everyone

takes advantage of, to rest, in their own way,

And all the ways are correct! May your Sunday, 

be nice, and sweet, take care,kisses,maria---------

04/11/2021 11:23:40

hello, Sunday is the day of the week that everyone

takes advantage of, to rest, in their own way,

And all the ways are correct! May your Sunday, 

be nice, and sweet, take care,kisses,maria---------

04/10/2021 14:44:55

I hope you are enjoying a terrific Saturday. I've gotten some things done and now have a Dutch apple pie about to go in the oven as soon as it's up to the proper temperature. Full disclosure, the pie is Sara Lee, not homemade. But pretty darn close. Anyway, I wanted to say hi before I went to do some crocheting on my latest project (a summer vest) before suppertime. It's gotten cloudy and we are supposed to get rain so I hope we do. We could use it now that everything is awake and blooming and the garden is planted. Rhonda, you have been busy with your staining and we have been busy with our plantings. It's a wonderful, busy time of year, isn't it?

Wonderful weekend wishes~


04/10/2021 14:32:13


Everything went so smoothly!  The experience was better than we could have ever expected as far as surgery goes.  In recovery, the girl said, "You are the most alert person I've ever had."  Every worker at Baylor Hospital was happy and caring!  Some have been there 40 years.  We got home earlier than expected and so traffic wasn't as bad as we thought it would be.  I am doing VERY good.  Haven't needed pain meds (2 tylenol yesterday evening). I do have a lot of numb areas on my face, eyebrow, and ear area as they removed a cyst or tumor on the salivary gland. So I have stitches under my ear and down the neck area.  The doctor will remove the drain tube behind my ear on Thursday.  But I really do feel good except for where the drain tube is and it doesn't really hurt, just a nuisance.  


and for the prayers and comments.  I am headed back to my chair, dogs, and college baseball on TV.


04/10/2021 14:08:35

We need our back door steps stained. Had them installed about 7 years ago. Always a chore list..Just started raining..good timing since I planted flower seeds a few days ago. Enjoy the weekend -:)

04/10/2021 11:54:13

Hello, Getting up, every day, is like coming back,

 being born, a new opportunity, joy, usually,

enters through, that door, that you had, forgotten, close, 

the best for this Saturday, have a great time, and 

enjoy it, take care ,kisses,maria-----

04/10/2021 10:21:11

My how this week has gone by .. May you have a nice Saturday enjoying the moments. Smiles Gloria

I've learned to be happy with what I have, and even if I lost it, I'd still be happy, because (see start of sentence.) ~Robert Brault, rbrault.blogspot.com, 2019

04/09/2021 13:53:44

Hello, I was absent this week, due to health problems, 

today, I am a little better, and I take this opportunity

 to wish you a great Friday, and have a good weekend, enjoy it, 

to your way, and be happy, take care of yourself,  kisses,maria

04/09/2021 10:21:24

04/09/2021 10:01:46

Hi there. Hope you are having a good Friday morning. Its a cool one here and going to be a bit breezy too. I sure wish we would get some rain. But it seems to go by us. Have a great day my friend and take care. Cheryl

04/09/2021 09:50:31

 May you have a wonderful Friday day  treating yourself ever so kindly and sharing your smiles. April showers for most of the day so this will be a good day to relax and read a book while  I enjoy having a cup of coffee and or tea. Smiles   Gloria

Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all good things are yours. ~Swedish proverb

04/08/2021 14:24:31

April showers bring May flowers.  In our area we are having a wonderful day of April rain to freshen up the air. The robins and the other birds are enjoying it.

Puddles are on the sidewalks and etc.  I so do want to splash in them.  I will forever be a child at heart. May you have a glorious day just being you.  Smiles   Gloria

04/08/2021 13:44:54

An abslutely beautiful day here today. Light winds, clear blue sky and 73 outside. I've been outside, took a walk to the post office. Its not very far away. Just 2 blocks but enjoyed the sunshine and warm air. Tomorrow is going to be a windy and cooler day so I will enjoy the nice weather while I can. I hope you are having a good day my friend.  Take care.  Cheryl

04/08/2021 08:29:10


Hello my dear friend Rhonda,
wishing you a day full of
beautiful moments, many :))) Jo
P.s. Thank you for
beautiful comments birthday 
I had a wonderful birthday day

uva-nera – EURORTAGGI

04/07/2021 22:10:55

Hope your week is going well for you my friend :)

04/07/2021 20:29:33

Busy week..been working outside. Bought some new plants yesterday, including a fern. Planted zinnia seeds today. Got quite warm, so we turned the ac on. Hopefully the rain Friday will cool things down. Hope your week has been great -

04/07/2021 10:38:54

Hi there my friend. I hope you are having a good morning. Yesterday was in the 80's and today is in the 40's, cloudy and breezy. Wow what a difference a day makes. I would rather have yesterday then today but oh well. Take the time to enjoy your day and take care. Cheryl

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