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04/15/2022 21:58:30

Happy Birthday wherever you are! And soon Happy Easter!
Hugs and prayers sent too!

04/14/2022 08:31:53


12/03/2021 09:47:08

11/23/2021 08:39:43

10/14/2021 09:07:50

good-morning, been really busy the last few days. taking advantage of nice days to get all of my outside stuff done before it gets cold out. hope all is well with you and you are enjoying this fall season..marykay

06/10/2021 14:31:47


Worked yesterday afternoon and ran errands this morning. I am starting Chicken and Dumplings now.  Still don't know if we have company coming tomorrow or not.  Bar-Butterfiles-Good-Day  

Humidity was at 99% again early this morning.  The ground is so saturated.  So I think I will check the plants outside quickly and read my book while the laundry finishes.  Smile!  Someone is watching you!  Hoping to hear from you!


06/09/2021 10:14:42


So what are you doing this lovely Wednesday?  I am working half a day.  But I still have time to play!  We only had about 2/10" of rain yesterday before the sun finally came out.    


But there is still plenty of water around to play in as you can see in this reflection.  So come on over and play or just sit and relax.  But along the way share your smile!  


05/15/2021 09:35:18

have a relaxing week-end


04/22/2021 08:38:07

happy earth day..mk

04/16/2021 08:50:35

04/16/2021 08:25:30

04/16/2021 06:47:33

04/03/2021 10:38:30

wishing you a lovely easter..mk

02/13/2021 11:06:27

wishing you a happy week-end..mk

02/05/2021 08:07:11

a cold and wintery day here. have a lovely friday..hugs..mk

02/03/2021 09:39:24

another cold but very sunny day. hope all is well in your corner of the world. take care and have a sweet day..hugs..mk

01/24/2021 10:27:32

hello, i hope the world has been treating you kind. enjoy your sunday..marykay

01/15/2021 08:14:11

good morning! hope you had a nice week...we are getting more snow here...2 to 4 inches...i don't have to go anywhere so going to enjoy it..have a lovely friday...much love marykay

01/13/2021 08:45:51

happy mid-week..hope your day is happy & sunny..mk

12/28/2020 09:49:59

enjoy the last monday of this year..mk

12/21/2020 08:57:10

happy winter..we are going to get more snow later on today. hope you enjoy the start of christmas week..hugs..mk

12/16/2020 11:02:25


You can tell that Christmas is getting close when the smells of Christmas are all through the house.  


It is almost time to call everyone together to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  


Take time for yourself... body, mind, and SPIRIT.  That's the best way to really enjoy every minute.


12/16/2020 09:29:29

christmas time smiles..mk

12/15/2020 11:49:30


Just ten more days... Are you ready?  I am still waiting on a couple of things.  Just heard my heater come on as we are still chilly in Texas!  Have you every heard of Cocoa Bombs?  They seem to be all the rage around here.  Sent the recipe to all my friends hoping someone will make them and share with us.   Blessings & Hugs along with...


12/12/2020 09:57:52

it's finally snowing! i'm loving it..hope you have a lovely week-end..mk

12/02/2020 07:29:24

happy mid-week, i hope all is well with you and you are enjoying this holiday season, take care and be safe if you are out and about..lots of love marykay

11/28/2020 08:43:23

sending you a warm hello, and wishing you a lovely day..hugs..mk

11/19/2020 10:35:17

a little puppy cuteness for you

have a nice day..hugs..mk

11/16/2020 10:05:21

good morning, boy this month is sure flying by. finished my christmas shopping yesterday..(had to do it all online) just hope i get everything on time. hope you enjoy your start to this new week..hugs..mk

11/12/2020 09:31:28

i hope your week is going well, thought i would send you some pumpkin donuts..(don't they look good?) have a wonderful day..and stay safe...much love..marykay

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