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03/03/2024 16:55:03

May you have a peaceful Sunday.Smiles Gloria

03/03/2024 16:15:18

I hope you have had a great weekend and looking forward to a wonderful evening! 

03/03/2024 10:35:32


Hello my dear Sue…

I hope your day is off to a good start
and wishing you a good week ahead.

I can hardly believe the sun is
and it’s 61 degrees!

When I first see buds on the trees
I might just scream with joy…
Love, Augie

03/03/2024 06:04:22


What a wonderful time of year!  We hit 80° yesterday and we got 4 very big plants repotted into very big pots.  


It is so beautiful to sit outside in the sun and let Vitamin D soak into the body.  I can't wait for next Sunday when we Spring Forward and have an extra hour in the evenings of daylight.  


We should have at least 4 more days in a row between 50° and 80° before we get another chance of some rain.  We always need rain!  


Early mornings, right as day breaks, the birds are singing loudly praising God.  I love watching the sun peak over the horizon.  


Let's enjoy every day of this new week in March.  Thank you for being my friend.  


03/02/2024 08:57:50

03/02/2024 08:21:49

03/01/2024 07:49:48


Friday is here and so is March!  I hope to get outside today and put out new food for the birds.  


That's right, I am putting out the hummingbird feeders with fresh food.  

Our rain was too cold yesterday to see any yet.  But I have hopes that it won't be too long.  


As the flowers start blooming, they will find their way to our feeders.  I usually keep three feeders up most of the year.

It is so exciting to see them protect their territory and my heart starts pumping the minute I hear them.  


I know it is still early but I know that time is flying by because the month of February is gone and March is coming in like a lamb in our area.  


02/29/2024 09:57:46


We are heading toward the weekend and warmer temperatures again.  The yard work on Tuesday was very hard on both of our bodies.  Hubby was under the riding mower several times as the mower deck belt broke.  

Spring is on the way.  This weekend I hope to plant some new pots and to transplant a lot of things.  I am ready for flowers to bloom in beautiful colors!  

Don't you just love watching flowers grow and bloom.  Like watching your children and grandchildren grow up and blossom too.  


I hope you enjoy the growth of my flower from a bulb to a beautiful triple bloom.  I am sending you lots of Blessings & Hugs  this Thursday!  


02/29/2024 09:32:06

May your moments today be ever so kind to you as you share your smile to all you meet.  Smiles   Gloria

02/29/2024 06:20:37

stopping by to wish you a very happy Leap Year Day! I always felt like Feb 29th should be a lucky day...

02/28/2024 09:48:36


Hello my dear Sue…
This graphic reminds me of
Spring and I’m so ready for that!
Tired of snow and today it’s warmer
and raining but back to colder temps
Wishing you a good day.
Love, Augie

02/28/2024 06:16:36


I will chance one eye to peek out today on this blustery day with the north wind keeping our temperatures in the 50's.  After two days in the 80's, today is quite a change in weather.  


Before you know it, we will be back to warmer weather with flowers blooming.  That is, if I can get out there and repot plants and put some seeds into some pots.  

Today we will stay inside and play games or probably just watch TV and make some Chicken and Dumplings.  One very large pot will be ready this afternoon.  


Now I might go take a nap until it warms up a little bit.  After all...  


Blessings & Hugs from me to you on this middle of the week Wednesday!  


02/27/2024 12:57:19

Smiles Gloria

02/27/2024 10:46:21

G'morning, Sue! I know many are
delighted by the warm weather and getting
started on gardens and such. If you're
one... Enjoy!

02/27/2024 06:12:54


Long hard day yesterday shopping and putting stuff away.  But today we are going to be working in the yard.  


It is so nice to have the best Hubby in the world to help with yard work.  We have 3/4 acre with trees and plants.  I will mow and he will help empty the bags.  We bag in spring and fall when there are lots of weeds.  


Then he will spread fertilizer with hopes that Wednesday the North wind will not blow it all away and that on Thursday we will get a little rain on it but not a downpour to wash it away.  Soon, beautiful grass will be growing.  

Hugs & Kisses from me to you!  Hope you have as much fun as we will be having in the warm sunshine working in our yard this Tuesday!  


02/26/2024 08:37:25


Today we are going to break a record as we will be 93° and tomorrow we will break another record as we hit 88°.  

Today we will run errands.  Since I was working for 2 weeks the dogs need food and we need several things.  


Tomorrow we will work in the yard.  I hope it is not too late to put out pre-emergent and fertilizer.  Can you believe the harvest of strawberries I got Friday from my 2 plants that have been under the plastic.  Lots more ripening now too.  


Hard to believe, a week ago our youngest granddaughter turned 15.  Michelle ran track Saturday and did really well.  Her sister, Nicole, got first in Shot Put.  


We enjoyed being at Rainforest Cafe with her to celebrate!  So now we are off and running today in this beautiful summer weather!  


02/26/2024 06:14:03

I hope you enjoy today and these last few days of Feburary Sue!

02/24/2024 15:05:07

I love that I have a buddie-slug! haha
That dusting is my least fav chore, Sue.
I'd rather vacuum or do dishes.
If it's very much like Spring outside
where you are, you'll probably


02/24/2024 10:06:47

02/24/2024 08:32:56

02/23/2024 20:06:11


Stopping by to wish you a
nice weekend my friend!
Love, Augie

02/23/2024 07:44:44

I hope you have a wonderful day and weekend my friend! hugs!

02/21/2024 11:31:21

Hope your today is feeling down-home & cozy, dear Sue.

02/21/2024 06:11:11

happy middle of the week to you! It's been really nice here, so I've been spending lots of time cleaning out the back and front yards of weeds, I'm working mostly on dandelions and those type of big weeds and there is some scary looking ones out there! LOL!  I'm going to the dentist this morning, yikes...I hope they can fix my teeth, but will probably end up getting them all pulled and a set of dentures made.. no implants for me...

02/20/2024 13:18:08

Sue, MANY years ago I heard a reknown woman breast cancer Dr. say if every woman lived long enough they all would get breast cancer?!

It's a nasty disease Augie; but there is life after cancer.  My Grandma, Aunt and cousin died with it.  Another Aunt had a mastectomy when she was 81 (I looked after her for 11 days after); and my Mom had a lumpectomy (no treatments after) when she was 90.  You can see it was pretty hard for me to escape it.  The chemo and radiation (I did both at the same time) were rough; but I'm still here because of them and God's goodness.  Sue


02/19/2024 23:18:45

So glad it went well for you, Sue!

My mother, 2 Aunts and a cousin had it.

Fortunately my mammogram was fine...❤️


Good for you going for your mammogram Augie!  It was through a mammogram and then surgery that cancer was found 25 years ago.  You can bet I go every year for a mammogram.  Early detection is the key!    Sue


02/19/2024 11:28:52

... I just know it is, Sue! :)
I'm sure you're busy doing crafts or
cleaning, or something else constructive,
while I sit here like a slug. Maybe my
energy will rise after lunch? ha Have a
great new week, my friend.  *hugs*

02/19/2024 09:16:18

02/19/2024 06:19:18


Blessings this holiday Monday.  I hope you are at home enjoying the day.  


I hope you get to see the sunrise this morning as God paints a beautiful picture for you.  


And if you are not home, I hope you are doing something you enjoy like camping with an awesome view of all the things God has provided.  


Whatever you do today, please do it with a smile and share that smile with everyone you meet.  Blessings & Hugs!  


02/18/2024 08:46:57

today is the last day of cold air, it was 29* when I got up....it's supposed to be up in the 60's tomorrow, 70's Tuesday and 80 by Wednesday...spring is coming fast here in Texas!  I hope you have a wonderful Sunday! 

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