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05/29/2020 03:28:48

Good morning, we made it! Wishing you a Fab Friday!

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05/29/2020 02:19:48

05/28/2020 19:18:51

Evening  was a cloudy  but  humid day  today  with  drizzle off and on., just met the ladies for coffee today.,

hope you had a good day  and yeah tomorrow  Friday  and the weekend begins, were on phase 2 now so the lines in the stores are shot or no lines to go in  but to pay another story.,  Have a good night and i'll see you tomorrow.  hugs June

05/28/2020 10:46:30

Enlarge photo 83  Gloria.

Still in quarantine but having a good "birth" day

Lun'ugs, Anne

05/28/2020 10:35:52

05/28/2020 10:11:41

05/28/2020 02:45:39


Rather a chilly day here with the sun trying to peep through the dark clouds at times but with Winter just a few days off I guess I'll have to get used to it for the next 3-4 months.

You have a nice day. Hugs Pat.

05/28/2020 01:38:45

05/27/2020 20:51:26

Evening my friend.,  it was a very warm  day 80's  tomorrow will be humid and 90's, hope you had a good day....

i went shopping at Joann's Fabric  got material to make another blanket  i will work on it tomorrow

did other errands Bj's etc.  coffee with the girls..

its  short week can't believe tomorrow  thursday already.  cancelled my hair appointment  there just doing cuts  no drying etc.  am not paying 50.  to come out with wet hair.,  she got mad but to bad said call me when your doing drying also have a good night

05/27/2020 14:00:31

Hello and happy Wednesday! It's a gray and drippy day here. We went to PetsMart this morning and got a few goldfish for our water feature on the deck. Came home and ate lunch, then I did some cleaning. Going to fold some clean laundry and then crochet a bit. How is your day? Anything special happening? Enjoy what's left of today and have a quiet, peaceful evening.

With many hugs~


05/27/2020 11:17:10

05/27/2020 06:30:27

the Falcon 9 rocket will go right over our sub-division, so if it's not cloudy (supposed to be a rainy day, so SpaceX may not launch this afternoon, depending on where the storms are at lift off time) we'll be able to see it, if it's cloudy, we'll just be able to hear it as the sound wave hits us...

05/27/2020 04:58:57

Good morning, wishing you a wonderful Wednesday.

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05/27/2020 01:29:52

05/26/2020 19:26:17

Evening my friend

well the weather man lied said it was going to be 80  we only reach 63  ,  oh well

hope you had a better day., did a few  errands than came home., getting humid here.  have a good night  my friend.

i could use this  but i don't  drink

05/26/2020 11:01:39

I hope you had a great weekend and Memorial Day. We had our youngest grandson all day yesterday while his parents went hunting for land to buy in the mountains. Jude will be 2 in a couple of weeks. What a fun day we had. He's talking some now and just a cheerful, happy little guy. I was quite tired by days end but I enjoyed every minute of Jude being here. Today is a gray day so far but not supposed to rain until tomorrow. And the next couple days. We haven't dried out from the last rains we had yet!

Lots of hugs~


05/26/2020 10:12:37

Enlarge photo 8

05/26/2020 09:21:16

05/26/2020 04:09:07

Good morning, this week is movin' on. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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05/26/2020 01:44:48

05/25/2020 21:48:34

 Boyd&I decorated three more graves today. Had a good day! Ended it with a Rootbeer Float I made each of us. Hugs Shirley

05/25/2020 20:05:49

Evening., was a cloudy  cool day., but cleared up a little this afternoon

my son did a BBQ again .,hope you had a great day

tomorrow starts a new work week, 

have a good night

05/25/2020 15:42:10

*hugs* -di

05/25/2020 10:13:26

hope you're having a wonderful, peace-filled day, my friend!

05/25/2020 10:13:04

Somber day, as we reflect on the brave men who gave All...

05/25/2020 09:31:28

05/25/2020 08:55:04

05/25/2020 08:21:06

Good Morning,

05/25/2020 07:57:39

happy memorial day

Memorial Day graphics @ crystalscomments.com

Hello Gloria!! Have a most beautiful Memorial Day!  Hugs, Edna

05/25/2020 06:03:40


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