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06/02/2020 12:48:00

06/01/2020 21:15:59


Hi there! Wishing you a beautiful 1st day of June, the month of roses love and pearls. I have been quite busy the last few weeks with Memorial day and all. I made a PowerPoint presentation which took like forever and getting my weekly publication out. Plus Bob's doctor's appointments etc. He is fine just routine check ups etc. But at least you can see the doctor now where we live... I hope you are doing well and staying safe. Love and hugs Connie

02/13/2020 19:07:03


12/21/2019 10:51:43


11/12/2019 17:38:38

10/25/2019 00:29:43

Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed Day and have a Happy and Safe Halloween


10/18/2019 01:44:41

Sorry, Don.  That was a lousy color choice for my comment; hope you can highlight it and read it anyway!

10/18/2019 01:43:48


I see you've run into the Photobucket wall.  Gad, they drove me nuts, so I moved all of my images to another photo sharing site and I've been pretty happy with it so far.  They're German-based, I think, but they translate anything on there so it's no problem.  "Dreamies.de", if you want to look them up.  

Nothing but rain over here and we'll be having more of it, too.  It's washing a lot of the pretty autumn leaves off the trees--and right onto my car.  Makes me wish we had a garage, but our property is weirdly shaped and there's no room for one.  I tried to pick off the leaves while I was outside this morning, but since I'm on the short side, my car looked like it had gotten a Mohawk by the time I got done.  I guess I could have opened one of the doors and stood in the car to pick off more leaves, but I had a handful of chestnuts I snitched from the abandoned place next door and I didn't feel quite that ambitious anyway.  It did make me happy to see that the rain has washed off almost all of the bird poop from my Crown Vic.  YAY!  The birds have been eating hawthorn berries and it makes their poop a weird brownish red color.  Yeah, splats of that on my gold-toned car aren't very attractive...even though the car and the poop are both autumn colors, sorta.  

I hope you and Lynnda are doing really well; keeping healthy and having as much fun as you can stand!  Have a great weekend, my friend!

Love and Hugs,

10/08/2019 06:26:07

10/07/2019 16:12:20

I hope you had a terrific weekend and that your Monday has been going well. Our middle daughter, Melanie, has been here doing laundry as her dryer has issues that they just can't seem to fix. It's been fun hanging out with her though. Thursday, we are having friends come for the day on their way to FL for the winter. I always look forward to them stopping here either coming or going. We used to live two doors apart back in PA and they are good friends. So I won't be here to The Hill Thursday. 

Have a nice night~


10/06/2019 21:10:53

Oh what a wonderful treat to hear from you once again!!!!!!!!!!!! How have you been????

I hope all is going well for you. Love and hugs your friend Connie

07/13/2019 05:24:22

06/25/2019 20:24:31

Hi, Greenputter!  I think I remember you from my "old days visits"...remembered all the flowers!!!  Hope you're well and hope to see you again!

12/31/2018 09:59:08

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12/25/2018 13:03:31

12/23/2018 16:46:28

Unto Us a Child is Born, Unto Us, a Son is Given...And His Name Shall be Called: Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God the Everlasting Father the Prince of Peace.

Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas filled with Peace, Joy, and Love.  Merry Christmas Connie PS I left my 2018 Christmas letter on Bulletins. I haven't seen you in a while I hope all is well with you. Love and Hugs.. Connie

11/26/2018 23:29:20

Have a Great New Week~ Blessings~Hugs~Lorri

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