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06/19/2021 16:19:51


We went to the car show this morning and yes, it was quite warm.  But there were lots of beauties, old and newer.  The time it takes to build and keep them shining takes pure dedication.  After that we stopped to visit a friend that lived in the area.  After that I took Hubby home before I headed to WalMart to pick up a few groceries and some craft things to build my hummingbird bird bath.  


After all, Saturday is Bath Day!  Have you had your bath today?  After looking at cars we had melted down and looked like we had just finished our bath.  Starting today there are 2 college baseball games a day for the World Series.  So I am headed off to watch TV.  


06/19/2021 10:46:06


06/18/2021 19:36:14

06/18/2021 13:50:53

Hi there. I don't know about you but this week has been a long one.  Could of been cause it was in the high 90's here. I hope you had a good week and have a teriffic weekend. Take care my friend, Cheryl

06/17/2021 12:54:04


Well, are you getting ready for the weekend?  Are you ready to relax?  Will you be working in the yard?  Or is it just another day?  Today is the day the Lord has blessed us with for sure!  


Whatever your plans are and wherever the Lord leads you, I hope you laugh and share your smile with everyone.  After all, laughter is the best medicine!  I have been crossing off things on my "to do" list today but have a few more to go.  

turtle-kissesSo I am sending Blessings and Hugs and Kisses too!  Enjoy your day and I hope you get everything checked off all your lists today and find some time to relax and play!  


06/16/2021 13:11:41

Hi there. Its another hot afternoon here. Lots of sunshine. Not doing much this afternoon. Clothes are in the dryer and then to fold them and put them away. I think a nap is in order today as I did a lot of coughing in the night. I have cough syrup that I take but it didn't seem to work that well. I bought a different kind this morning so hopefully it will do the job tonight I will sleep better. Take care my friend. Cheryl

06/16/2021 11:23:03


I hope it is a mystical, magical Wednesday for you and me!  Who knows what the day will bring.  I've already been to Rockwall to get gas in my car (lines were not too long at Costco unlike yesterday afternoon) and Braums for milk (they are a local business out of Oklahoma that only has stores within a certain radius that the trucks can deliver daily).  We buy A2 Milk from them as they have the only certified A2 herd in the U.S.  "Google" A2 milk.  It works great for people that are lactose intolerant or at least it makes a big difference for me as far as not making mucus.  


Yesterday I did a zoom call and it was a virtual tour of Pompei, Italy with a great tour guide.  They are still discovering things buried in the volcanic ash.  This is the third tour as we have already been to Venice and Barcelona.  Hubby and I also met a friend for lunch.  Diann and I exchanged things we had for each other.  I had bought her some vitamins she couldn't find, NAC that she paid me for, and she gave me some cuttings from Airplane plant, Hoya, and Chocolate mint.  The airplane and hoya that I had originally shared with her died in our freeze this year.  So now I am off to pot plants and watch the hummingbirds because I have already made food, cleaned feeders and refilled feeders today.   


I am working on making several different hummingbird fountain birdbaths.  I will put the links to a couple that I think we can build.  Robbie has a BUNCH of awesome videos to make these!



Besides, no telling who I need to share a smile with today!  

Jenn, I don't like the cold either.  Stay warm!  I'll gladly share our heat and humidity.  Maybe it would even out for both of us!


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