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12/03/2020 12:51:47

12/03/2020 09:58:54

i just love christmas..have a nice day..mk

12/03/2020 08:37:13

Good Morning, My Sweet Friend

Have a Nice Day on Thursday!

12/02/2020 19:00:06

Pin by Taty on Новогодние... | Christmas kitten, Christmas cats, Christmas  animals

Christmas Kitten Cat - Animals Paint By Number - Numeral Paint


12/02/2020 12:56:44

Wednesday is halfway through the work week, and you eagerly wait for the weekend after 3 days.Wednesday: Halfway to the weekend! Enjoy your day“It’s Wacky Wednesday.  Be Happy.  Be Crazy.  Be Silly. Smile! 

Have a Bright and Beautiful Day.



12/02/2020 12:53:22

FRIENDSHIP improves happiness and reduces sadness,

 because through friendship, JOYS are doubled,

and PAINS are divided. I value your pretty, friendship, may

your Wednesday be, happy, and pretty,

Take care,kisses,maria

12/02/2020 09:47:01

12/02/2020 09:46:12

Good morning! Brrrrr...  it feels like
Christmas:) Hope your day is bright
and happy, doing just what you want,
w/only a few chores. Ok, I'll bite...
what about the crazy stocker? lol
*hugs* -di

12/02/2020 09:33:39

Finally the Wonderland snow is sticking to the branches of the evergreens out back! ❄

12/02/2020 08:29:07

12/02/2020 07:41:27

happy mid-week, i hope all is well with you and you are enjoying this holiday season, take care and be safe if you are out and about..lots of love marykay

12/02/2020 03:50:35


12/02/2020 03:50:28

You're a good friend to your friend.... xx

12/01/2020 20:59:22

Worked for hours around the house - cleaning and finally got the clings off all the windows.  I just love those things.  Have a doctor's appointment in the morning - have to get  up early.  UGH!  That'll be hard.  Will do windows tomorrow to get them clean then put up Christmas clings.  Need to put the fall things away and get the Christmas stuff down.  It was cold today after it being near 80 yesterday - quite the change.  Was only 47.  Took my plants inside the garage to hopefully winter them over.  Hope your day was swell.  Have a good day tomorrow.  Hugs, Wendy

Hello December.Christmas Decoration With Fir Tree Toys And Pine  Cones.Winter Holidays Concept. Stock Photo - Image of december, hello:  131331396

12/01/2020 20:02:36



12/01/2020 16:30:37

Hello my sweet friend. How are you today.

I am not doing so great as to im out of work

for 2 weeks on Quarantine . I have been exposed. Please keep me in your prayers.

I am so worried. Waiting for a test results.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

Know that i am thinking of you and hope you stay safe.

I will keep in touch. We just got over a real bad wind storm. 

2 inches of rain. We didnt lose power so far but i pray that 

everyone gets there power on soon. There was a lot of 

power outages. I feel bad for them all. 

I hope you have a good night. Please stay safe my sweet friend.

God Bless you and your family. Take care.

12/01/2020 14:59:52

Welcome December.... Hey June hope your day has been a good one. Chilly here, as a cold front blew in last night.we will drop to 26 tonight. But begin a warm up tomorrow. I will get a much needed hair cut tomorrow as well. Be safe, and I'll be back -:)

12/01/2020 13:46:12

12/01/2020 12:10:02

Let yourself go and LIVE LIFE, because the best

moments come without planning them.

Whatever you decide, do be sure, make you HAPPY.

I wish you a nice Tuesday, happy, take care

of yourself, a lot kisses,maria

12/01/2020 10:44:18

Good Morning June...coffee on,if you like cowboy coffee !!! ... Thank You Always...wishing you a wonderful and safe day my friend...keep warm and take care

Pin by Jennifer Thompson on Good Morning/ Quotes | Cowboy up, Good morning  quotes, Good morning

12/01/2020 09:35:56

A glorius December day to you. We are having a sunny day which helps for it is abit cold outside today. Need to run afew errands  and  go to the post office to mail afew Christmas gifts and  my goodness must not forget to get some more stamps.

  Enjoying some  maple pecan flavored coffee from green mountain while I am chit chatting with you in  one of many  snowman coffee cups  I have given to me from friends and family thoughout these many years.

At the moment though I am sending you a smile your way and wishing you a peaceful day.   May your day be ever so kind to you. Smiles  Gloria

12/01/2020 09:32:54

Your page is looking so good, June!
Hope you have no trees down, and power
not threatened. We're in 20s this morning.
Have a terrific taco Tuesday:) *hugs* -di

12/01/2020 07:17:50

Yesterday winter got here snow all day long look's pretty on the tree's but cold and don't like winter or  the snow.

11/30/2020 20:27:44

Winter Wonderland for Christmas - Fantasy & Abstract Background Wallpapers  on Desktop Nexus (Image 1269488)

Sorry the weather is rough. Sending you some hugs & sunshine...x

11/30/2020 15:23:54

Beautiful day here - about 73 sunny and pretty breezy/windy.  Have the windows open to bring in the fresh air.  Ran to the store to get ground beef that was on sale and several other things.  Did take all the fall things down but not packed away yet.  Hope you're having a good day staying home and resting up.  Hugs, Wendy

Good Afternoon

11/30/2020 14:37:50

Hey June..cool and windy here this afternoon. Colder temps moving in..tomorrow's high will be 46..with a low tomorrow night of 26. Bring it on -:)

11/30/2020 13:41:05

good afternoon, a rather gloomy and cold day here..enjoy this last day of november..lots of love..mk

11/30/2020 13:00:23

Take time to do things that make your HEART SMILE.

 we often forget to spend time with ourselves

to do little things that make us feel good) 

 have a good Monday, happy, full of joys, take care


11/30/2020 10:25:23

Cute cute page.  Love it.  Hope you have a good week full of blessings.

11/30/2020 09:49:54

Thank You, November, for finally getting
the last leaf off the trees... now we can
clean out the gutters, June. :) *hugs*

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