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Holy hands
Posted On 01/14/2021 12:24:53

I guess I'm a little reticent about sharing this story because it seems so unbelievable. 

At one time I attended a bible school.  That is not who I am anymore.  I realized that organized religion can be very judgemental.  The school I was in at the time; never really had us read the whole bible but picked out bits and pieces they wanted to push.  I read it myself twice and almost three times.  I took notes and highlited.  Many things I read had relevance to my life at the time and I would write that down to remember.  That is why, when people say the bible isn't accurate, I call it a phone call to God.  I had an experience that was supernatural.  I was in the middle of living with a husband who was an alcoholic and cheater.  According to the belief of the church, there is no divorce.  One night I had my bible open on the counter as my ex slept.  It was about 10 at night.  I had read to pray with holy hands raised.  I did that. I was desperate for an answer and help.  What do I do?  Suddenly, there was a bright light apprearing downstairs and a voice clearly said "Mathew 18, 19.  I was so stunned that I just sat there.  It happened a second time and again; I did nothing in shock.  The third time, I went to the verses I heard and read.  It was about forgiveness and divorce.  I was not at a point yet that I could leave or have him leave yet.  As I look back, if I had left at that time I never would have met my husband now.  I think back on some stories in the bible and many times things had to be done 3x before the person "heard" it.  There was no way that bright of a light could come from the basement and the voice I heard in my head was very specific.  I'm not a religious person and actually am not considering myself a christian because of the connotations that go with it.  I'm not an extremist believer.  If I ever attended a church, it would be a universal church which accepts "everyone".  

Tags: Prayer Divorce Supernatural Bible

Another true story
Posted On 01/12/2021 13:01:22

About 25 years ago; I was working at a PO facility of over 800 people.  I was going through a tough time in my marriage and it was pretty much over.  Why I wanted the Post Office job was to have medical for me and my daughter.  My, now husband, had a mutual friend at the facility and we met there for the first time in our lives.  We didn't know at the time we were 2nd cousins that never met though our parents were at each other's weddings.  When we realized we were related after talking to a relative and finding out we had relatives with his last name who lived "on the other side of the river", we were kind of wierded out. He had a picture of my mom and his dad sitting on the stoop of my mom's house.  Along side her was her mother, my grandmother; my grandmother's sister and her son (my husband's dad).  This stoop they sat on is a pub now and that was where we had our first date.  Our grandmother's were sisters though we never knew until later.  Truly an unbelievable coincidence since out of all those people we met each other and happy as clams now.

Tags: How I Met My Husband

True Story
Posted On 01/12/2021 12:49:52

Back in approx. 1973 they held the lottery differently than they do now.  If you had a winning ticket, you would enter it in to a drawing for a milllion dollars.  Back then it was worth more than it is now.  My dad purchased one of these tickets.  He didn't tell any of us kids.  My mom was passed and he was out of work.  The winners were supposed to be televised as they spun a giant wheel and whoever it landed on won the million.  My father, after he stopped drinking, became a Pat Robertson fan.  He said that Pat R. said one day that someone was going to give him a million dollars.  My dad MAILED the ticket with a note.  It said, to the effect that he was out of work and he had received word from God that he had to give the ticket to Pat Robertson  Still, I feel he just didn't want to go on TV.  CBN didn't win the million.  When I was going to write about it; I still have his note and the newspaper article about it; CBN would not acknowledge that it ever happened.

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