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01/15/2021 16:35:28

Tonight on 20/20 a feature on Jon Benet Ramsey

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01/15/2021 15:43:18

Rivoli Theatre to reopen in La Crosse

01/15/2021 14:25:28

Just a few more hours and we may kick off our weekend! I need to get a few things done before I can  call my day a success. THEN I will introduce myself to the couch, pick up my crochet, and relax. Hope you get done what you set out to. IT'S FRIDAY! Laurie, I hope Brynna and Laney will not get Covid from the kids at the sitters. Keep me posted.

Fabulous Friday to you!


01/15/2021 10:31:16

Have a Great Friday and a good Weekend. Take care--- Cheryl

01/15/2021 10:03:20

01/15/2021 09:40:53

01/15/2021 09:10:04

good morning Laurie,

01/15/2021 08:48:07

good morning! hope you had a nice week...we are getting more snow here...2 to 4 inches...i don't have to go anywhere so going to enjoy it..have a lovely friday...much love marykay

01/15/2021 08:11:14

Just be careful who you talk with because the mask is not a guarantee. I am still recovering but will have to push the shovel and throw out the water unless your husband is stopping over later

laurie2 wrote:

I'm eligible for the vaccine but have to wait for 6 weeks after my infusion in Feb.

01/15/2021 07:41:28

Hope your plans whatever they may be/Bring you a smile and no small amount of glee!

01/15/2021 04:02:14

Good Morning my dear friend,

Happy Friday and have a

wonderfully satisfying


Love and Hugs,


01/15/2021 03:38:07
Going for the exercise this morning? I wish I could. Someone I know jogs through the snow. I told her it would be a test but if you fell down, you would not be hurt. Big plans for the weekend? The woman across the street from me has a note on her door for a couple of weeks now, and I have not seen her. I suspect she is isolating because of the virus. She is reasonably young so not expecting her to die... but who knows. Of course there are the lasting effects but she is old enough it probably would be too late to bother her in the future. I................... am waiting for the innoculations so I can resume my sinful life.

01/15/2021 03:37:14

Good morning Laurie, wishing you a Fab Friday with lots of smiles.

BBC World Service - CrowdScience, What do clouds feel like?
Blessed Be

01/15/2021 03:06:15
Hello Laurie. The bottom pic is of the Bluff near my house as the snow just started. You will notice the servants' quarters in the pics. Snow on my property so even if I was on duty for the protocol, would not go today. I am DONE with the jog!

01/15/2021 03:03:55
Good morning.  Happy Friday.  The snow has arrived and I dread the thought of going outside and shoveling.  It does not look very heavy.  I have decided to put on a pair of sweatpants for the occasion to ease the pain of my knee scrape rather than the abrasiveness of jean material, denim.  I bought the sweatpants many years ago and have never worn them until now.  Not really for any occasion I have gone too.  They will come in handy now so I don't abuse my neighbors by having to view this writer's nudity.  It is one thing to throw out the water and get the mail at 3:00 AM; another thing to be out there shoveling at any time.  I have also discovered that due to the assassination attempt on this writer by the sidewalk, I have some other minor aches and pains.  Nothing major.  The type that I find when I'm working on something around the house and I use muscles not ordinarily used anymore.  I suppose I shall wait until later to push the shovel around so neighbors can see I'm still alive.  Hopefully you are entering the fantasy world of the weekend gracefully.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

Enter Elvenar!

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01/15/2021 01:56:41




01/14/2021 23:56:21

Majestic Friday Morning Wishes Nice Wishes

01/14/2021 15:34:30



Have A ''FABULOUS WEEKEND'' Laurie Enjoy!

Be safe and take care!



01/14/2021 13:54:53

Is Thursday! Mentalize all your goals, and make

them come true, before the end of the week,

ending,Take care of yourself


01/14/2021 13:32:11

I actually knew there was a chance of death the way my head snapped. Now I have to wait for my forehead to heal before going any place. And the scrape on the knee is a hinderance. With the snow coming in I shall have to go out and move the beighbor's receracle, and my own, in just the robe, in daylight maybe

laurie2 wrote:

I know.  That the servant's quarters.  How's your head.  Sorry you fell.  Must have been scarey.

diffuser wrote:

Hello Laurie. The guest house looks nice.

01/14/2021 12:27:40

01/14/2021 11:01:48

Hi there. Its a very windy day here today. The sun is shining but the wind is blowing. I hope you have a very nice day my friend and take care.


01/14/2021 03:58:21
Greetings walker of the Empire State

01/14/2021 03:57:52
Good morning.  Garbage Day. I am participating in the recyclables.  If I did not have to move my neighbor's container to the alley, I would have forgone the excitement myself due to my injuries yesterday.  However, I did have to get out and throw out the water and check if I had any mail from yesterday anyway.  I was surprised at how warm it felt as all I had on was a robe.  I decided not to wear any pants as it interfered with my peace of mind for the abrasion on my knee.  I almost wanted to go out for some exercise but I'm still convalescing from yesterday although I believe it is not life threatening as I thought it could be yesterday.  I have survived the night of sleep and that is usually a dangerous part after a head injury.  I think what saved me from a more serious injury was wearing a stocking cap that I had doubled up on my forehead when my head smashed into the ground.  In either case, I think my days of jogging are done even though I get injured only once every seven years.  The older you get the less likely healing quickly.  I shall confine myself when I am ready to just walking from now on.  Last year because of my vertigo and eye problem I had, I spent a year just walking.  I find myself becoming bored just walking but it certainly beats smashing your head into the concrete.  I have had other incidents where the pavement has tried to grab my foot  but I have always continued without going down.  In either case, I find myself in my READY ROOM this morning, drinking the good coffee, and composing my communiques.  I have no plans for today. I doubt if I shall even go for a constitutional as I shall try to avoid any contact with my abrasion, and also I'm expecting some snow later today.  I believe it is called a WINTER ALERT.  Humbug!  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

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01/14/2021 03:52:53

Good morning Laurie, it's Friday Eve! Closer to the weekend. Wishing you a wonderful day.

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Blessed Be

01/14/2021 01:31:27




01/13/2021 23:46:22

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01/13/2021 17:48:17

Goodnight Laurie,thank you always...wishing you a pleasant nights rest with peaceful dreams my friend

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01/13/2021 17:41:12

01/13/2021 15:22:59

Спасибо ! Красивые розы

Have a very special afternoon

my dear friend Laurie, many :)))) Jo

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