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02/13/2018 22:50:41

Hi Liz, hope you have a happy Valentine's Day. I've been sick the past couple of weeks. Finally went to the doctor, got some antibiotics for a sinus infection. Took the last one yesterday. I didn't want to go cause the flu is so bad, but the day I went wasn't very bad and I got to go right back. So that worked out good.

Have a good Wednesday, Love, Jo

12/28/2017 22:44:02

We had a good Christmas as well.  Christmas day we were alone (like every year), but the troops were here in force on Boxing Day.  Jamie made his usual breakfast for us; then we opened our presents.  We decorated the gingerbread churches in the afternoon which was a great activity.  If I do say so myself; dinner was good.  After we got the dishes cleared away and rinsed, we did the scavenger hunt with the kids.  It took me forever to put it together this year, but they were sure excited.  By the time they left we were pooped.  I just wanted a cup of tea and to put my feet up and watch a movie.  Good day though!  Jeffrey called today and said they've all been bed today with bad headaches and a cold.  Please Lord, protect us!

I'm not sure if you know Franklin and Donna Thomas.  They pastored in the Alliance Church for many years.  They live in Grimbsy and are coming for dinner tomorrow night and the evening.  They love to play games and we always have a good time with lots of laughter when we're together.  Made a couple of pies today; also biscuits.  I made creamed turkey with vegetables to go over the biscuits.  Nothing fancy but nice on a cold day.  

It's been mighty cold down here as well.  Supposed to go down to -9 C tomorrow.   Brrr!  I think I'd rather have it stay cold though rather than temperatures up and down and rain.  Right now the snow is clean and it looks pretty.  Do you have much snow up there?

It's late and I'm tired.  Night night my friend.

looked at the thermometer this morning and it was sitting at -25C/-11F.  Will be in touch when I get organized after the holidays.



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