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10/31/2014 22:58:02

[URL=http://s964.photobucket.com/user/cecile842811/media/Halloween/b1023fc94a3237de017d0becb2410a1f-1.gif.html] [/URL]

10/31/2014 21:15:13

AG-JERCatAndMice_360.png photo AG-JERCatAndMice_360.pngAG-HalloweenHugs4_350.gif photo AG-HalloweenHugs4_350.gif

Dearest Jaci,
I've vote for you in the Halloween Contest.
Have a beautiful Weekend!

10/31/2014 18:18:02

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I hope you enjoy your evening, and good luck in the Halloween design contest!!

10/31/2014 17:20:10

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 photo cid_0C50B8B1DDC5452F80051E335721D4F.gif

Good night my friend...

10/31/2014 14:41:49

 photo happyhalloween-pumpkins_zpsv2tahguy.gif

10/31/2014 11:54:15

10/31/2014 09:18:28

Have a ..

Huggles, Jaci


10/31/2014 08:16:24


Well its the end of the week. Feeling so much better but going to be a chilly day here today. Only going to get up in the low 50's. I have uploaded some pictures of my son Trey, please take a few minutes to look at them. My daughter Kristen came a few weeks ago and took his Senior pictures. Those that you see are the ones she has gotten edited. And she has more to do. They are turning out good. He didn't smile a lot in them but still good. Well you have a great Halloween. Sometimes we have lots of kids come by and other times we don't. Take care.

10/31/2014 03:52:38


10/30/2014 19:53:05

 photo B4D8E7_zpse0e2e62c.png

mouse wrote:

10/30/2014 16:47:23

 photo oie_GlI8z0avNoHN_zps7b15fde9.jpg

 photo IMG_1320_zpsfcbbfb21.jpg

 photo oie_Po5CzSf9b0qJ_zps9583cf38.jpg

Have a Great Halloween

10/30/2014 09:57:18

Sorry I can't fly with you this year.

10/30/2014 08:38:38


Hi there. I haven't been on here most of the week cause I have been under the weather. My sinuses just aren't liking me and I've been taking plenty of naps trying to get to feeling better. I don't know why I get so sleepy. I have been busy already this morning. I have changed the sheets on two of the beds so far. And I have one more to go. That is a work out changing sheets on beds. Especially when the beds are against the walls. So I'm taking a break from that and I have 2 turkey roasts in the oven. This will make my house smell very good. It has been rather chilly here. At least at night. Been getting down in the low 40's and tonight its supposed to get down in the 30's. Not much else going on. Hopefully if I feel like it I can get more done on the baby blanket I'm making for Kristen's baby that is due in late February. I went to Walmart yesterday and went in the baby isle. Oh such cute baby items. Even for a boy. That is what she is having. Well you take care and have a great day my friend.


10/30/2014 06:43:18

10/30/2014 05:58:38

10/29/2014 21:33:49

[URL=http://s964.photobucket.com/user/cecile842811/media/magical%20comments/wednesday3.jpg.html] [/URL]

10/29/2014 19:20:29

10/29/2014 10:43:46


10/29/2014 07:04:29

10/28/2014 21:09:00

Well Monday is over with..Its Raining here and calling for snow.. Some thing I don't like..But we have to take what ever God gives us..Hope all is well with U.. Iam doing ok..Take care..Hugs and blessings..PAT

mouse wrote:

Have a ..

Huggles, Jaci

10/28/2014 20:47:36

stormy here , good night

10/28/2014 19:47:30

Hi thanks for stopping by and your comment if you are entered into the contest Good Luck

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10/28/2014 14:43:21

10/28/2014 13:53:35

[URL=http://s964.photobucket.com/user/cecile842811/media/dazzlejunctioncomments/Cat-Tue-dj-2.jpg.html] [/URL]

10/28/2014 12:54:54

Happy Halloween photo: HappyHalloweenWizardLantern HappyHalloweenWizardLantern.gif

10/28/2014 12:45:33

 photo HaveagreatTuesday.gif

Hi Jaci--Have a nice day. Today is sunny,breezy and cold but like the sunshine. Hugs Helen


10/28/2014 10:09:12

10/28/2014 10:03:36

10/28/2014 07:09:26

10/28/2014 05:12:08

Good Morning

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