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07/26/2014 07:13:09

07/19/2014 09:03:41

07/16/2014 23:57:35
 photo 2z83z1c.gif

 photo Vintage-Champagne-Print-C10106690.jpg

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 photo Vintage-Pinot-Noir-Print-C10106689.jpg

==Wishing You a Terrific
Thursday my sweet Friend==

 photo purpleOrchid.gif~Jade~

07/16/2014 13:02:20

Hope your having a Blessed day

07/15/2014 00:52:33
 photo birds-2-1.gif

 photo nicedaybirds.jpg

07/09/2014 22:12:21

My Fair Lady Embassy Ball Joyful226

Wishing you a beautiful Day. This picture of Audrey Hepburn is of the Embassy Ball from the moive My Fair Lady. I put roses and violets around her as she was a flower girl in that movie living in the seedy part of London when the movie begins,  I used violets as that was what she was selling when she first met "'enry 'iggins" aka Henry Higgins.. Hugs Connie

07/04/2014 08:17:31

07/03/2014 21:33:08

 photo Collage4thofJuly_zps7838ad94.jpg

06/29/2014 23:42:29
 photo PurpleGem.gif

 photo PurpleElegantFloral2.png

....Friendship is what gets you
through the bad times...and
helps you enjoy the good times:)
have an awesome new week!!....

 photo purpleOrchid.gif♥Jade

06/29/2014 08:03:43

06/27/2014 03:37:37

06/26/2014 06:59:21

06/26/2014 00:23:12
 photo 1202290439081396149513030.gif

 photo cool_flower04_jpg-flowers--pink--keiths-pics--flower--nature--bellas--Fiori--r9--flour-de-jeviance_large-1.jpg

***Friends bring out the Beautiful
things in each other that no one
else looks hard enough to find...
Have a Beautiful Thursday My Friend***

 photo 0-0anitabloem----.png~Mystic Rose~

06/25/2014 21:30:30
 photo 1oteukqiche_zps5acfccef.gif

 photo oldphoto000876vipics_zps989b0c0d.jpg

 photo 1oteukqiche_zps5acfccef.gif

 photo _Ss0w-82QHoWjZteqg8YLlklI_naa3rh7BDOVZcArB2wY6S_aub8mw_zps81465164.jpg

...Stopping by to say Hi
and to Wish you a Terrific
Thursday my sweet Friend!...


06/20/2014 07:46:36

06/18/2014 05:33:04

06/14/2014 20:11:23

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06/13/2014 06:53:44

06/09/2014 07:12:12

Happy Monday. Today im going in for some oral surgery. I wont be back on till wednesday. I hope you all have a great day today and tomorrow. Blessings and prayers from my family to yours.

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06/07/2014 17:21:45

Bilder oder Fotos hochladen.

06/07/2014 04:05:04

06/04/2014 14:32:33

06/04/2014 14:23:49

Gone with the Wind 2 Joyful226

Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday. 

I am not sure what has happened to this week so far but it is already Wednesday. I had my dear grandchildren well the girls again this weekend we had a very nice time. I sure enjoy having them around. We kept busy that is for sure. We went to Church on Sunday they love that. Got all my bills paid on Monday. I went to town again on Tuesday. Now we are on Wednesday. I have made quite a few new creations that I'll likely send around as I can.

Wishing you a beautiful day filled with only good things.. Hugs Connie

06/03/2014 16:53:05
 photo 9989485c.png

 photo b427fa74-c4df-42d2-abfc-bb438aa42a3b.jpg

==Stopping by to say Hi and to
Wish You a Wonderful new Week!!!==


06/03/2014 11:57:23

SAY CHEESE!!! I hope you have a beautifull day. 

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05/30/2014 07:29:08

05/30/2014 00:46:07

Gone with the Wind strolling Joyful226

Wishing you a beautiful day I named this one Gone With the Wind Strolling. :) Hugs Connie

05/29/2014 08:45:06

Hello my friend and  happy Thursday. Im giving you a video today that will make you laugh, after all they say that it is healty to laugh. so pull up a chair and watch this cute little video and just laugh. May god bless you and yours. 

05/28/2014 23:49:34
 photo 1202290439081396149513030.gif

 photo 189784571767013279_bPi067iN_c.jpg

==Thank You my Friend for letting
me into Your World..and for Blessing
Mine :) Happy Thursday!!==

 photo o0aq21.gif~Mystic Rose~

05/27/2014 17:20:36

Bilder oder Fotos hochladen.

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