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10/20/2016 09:27:41


Sorry I've been missing lately.  I have ongoing back problems, and this time I worked too long in the yard.  It was sore enough that I couldn't sit at the computer for any length of time.  It's  doing better now, though. :)  Just wanted to stop by and wish you a lovely day, my friend.  Hugs, 


10/08/2016 11:51:55


The coastal cities in Florida were really hit badly by Hurricane Matthew.  We were lucky; we had very heavy wind and rain but no damage to the house.  There are branches down everywhere but no trees in our area came down.  We lost electricity briefly a few times, so we were lucky there, too.  When Hurricane Charley came through a few years ago, we lost electricity for quite a number of days and had roof damage, with water running down our walls.  And there were trees down everywhere.  So I would say this time we were very lucky. :)  

Wishing you a beautiful day, my friend.  Hugs, Barbara

10/03/2016 19:23:57


Stopping by to wish you a lovely afternoon.  Our temperatures are in the upper 80s.  The weather folks are saying that Hurricane Matthew will skim the eastern edge of Florida, and we're hoping it won't move any farther west than they are predicting.  Hope you're having very pleasant weather.  Hugs, Barbara  

09/25/2016 18:39:43


Stopping by to say hello.  I haven't been on the Hill lately because my husband has been in the hospital all week with some medical problems but is home now and feeling better.  We're still warm here--it was 90 degrees today.  Wishing you a lovely evening, my friend.  Hugs, Barbara.

09/12/2016 12:22:59

HI my dear friend..What a great surpise to hear from you how are you? Wishing you a Beautiful Day.

Well Fall is nearly upon us However; One would hardly know with the high temps. IT was a pretty and nice day Sunday.. that is after noon but rained hard in the morning. We went to church Sunday in the A.M. Oh my but was it good. 

Then we took a road trip to a New Outlet Mall in Marrimack, NH. That was so nice. Came home and had a nice cook out.  My company lef this morning early but the cool front did move through NH and it was nice a crisp fall like morning at about 9:30 when I went it out. IT smells like fall might be in the air and soon the trees will change to their beautiful fall colors. IT was so nice to hear from you. I bet Maine is having about the same weather we are here or were you colder quicker than we are?

Take care sweet friend I hope you have had a good weekend and a wonderful week ahead. Love and hugs Your friend in NH.. Connie

09/11/2016 12:49:44


Stopping by to say hello.  The hurricane didn't harm our area.  We had a fair amount of rain but were very lucky and didn't have the flooding that other areas of Florida had.  Wishing you good weather and a lovely day.  Hugs, Barbara

09/01/2016 21:43:50
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~Count your life by Smiles
not tears...Count your life
by Friends not years :)
Have a Wonderful friday!!~

 photo CAJOLINE124065546044_gros-1.png*Jade*

09/01/2016 21:11:52
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...Stopping by to say Hi...Hope
you are well...Wishing you Love,
Happiness,and Many Blessings...
Happy Friday!!!!...

 photo 354d07de.gif~Mystic Rose~

08/10/2016 08:38:04

got lots of goodies from the garden, going to make zuccini bread today..hugs

08/09/2016 09:30:10

have a lovely day...hugs

08/05/2016 15:07:47
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08/05/2016 14:38:50

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08/04/2016 06:17:48

have a lovely day...hugs

08/03/2016 09:13:53

hello, can you beleive it's august already? boy this summer has really gone by fast. still pretty warm here, need the ac. but before long we will be complaning about how cold it is...lol..hope your day goes well.........hugs

07/30/2016 10:48:42

have a lovely day.........hugs

07/29/2016 10:47:40

we are finally getting some cooler weather! got rain last night..have the windows open today..hope your day is as nice as mine...hugs

07/28/2016 08:21:51


Stopping by to say hello.  Our temps are still in the 90s and have been all month.  The A/C is working well, so we're fine.  It's been very hot for so much of the country this summer.  I think everyone is ready for a little cool-down.  Wishing you a great day, my friend.

07/28/2016 05:36:35

hove a nice start to your day..........hugs

07/27/2016 07:34:44

hello, hope all is well with you. i finally finished a project i have been working on for some time. my wicker furniture on my front porch was in pretty bad shape, i went shopping for some new, but when i saw the prices i decided to just paint mine. it was a bigger job than i thought, not to mention it has been so hot out. i did a little everyday, and got it done yesterday. i painted it white and it looks beautiful! so pleased it turned out so well. hope your day is happy, and hopefully a little bit cooler than this weather we have been having..have a nice day...hugs

07/24/2016 07:55:35

sending you smiles...........hugs

07/23/2016 07:50:26

good morning, i hope if you are in a area where it has been so terribly hot, that you are keeping cool. i made the mistake of being out in the heat too long the other day, and got sick. wishes to you for a nice and relaxing day..........hugs

07/20/2016 06:35:30

07/18/2016 08:15:14

happy monday

have a lovely day..........hugs

07/17/2016 06:32:22

good morning! wishing you a cheerful and relaxing day...hugs

07/16/2016 07:31:14

07/14/2016 19:47:46
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...A Friend is one who strengthens you
with Love and encourages you with Hope...
Thank You for being my Friend :)...

 photo Untitled-60poi.png~Mystic Rose~

07/14/2016 18:59:25
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..Poping in to say Hello...
and Wish You a Wonderful Friday!!..

05/19/2016 12:01:56


Good afternoon.  We're hoping to get a good rain this afternoon; our lawn, bushes, and flowers really need it.  We haven't had much lately.  Wishing you a lovely day, my friend.  Hugs, Barbara

05/07/2016 08:48:52


Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a lovely Mother's Day.  Hugs, Barbara

04/15/2016 10:57:12

happy friday

sorry it's been so long since i have visited..it's been so nice here, that i've been spending lots of time outside doing things..hope all is well with you..hugs

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