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11/25/2015 17:37:34

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11/23/2015 23:06:21
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~~~~Hope you have a Happy and Blessed
Thanksgiving...and Thank you for
being My Friend~~~

 photo MGB_AcornDivider_zps6f3c7573.pngHugs..**Jade**

11/23/2015 22:12:28
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==Stopping by to say..Hello and to
Wish You a Wonderful and Blessed
Thanksgiving..Thank You for
being my Friend==

 photo 7qjz90n8u27_zps21be6bd9.gif===Annette===

11/23/2015 09:42:54

we got a little over 10 inches of snow this week-end. and it's really cold, but going to be in the 50's on thanksgiving..lol..hope you have a pleasant start to this new week..hugs

11/21/2015 09:08:04

we are getting our first snow of the season, it's so pretty out! but i love the first snowfall, and i don't have to go anywhere..hope your day is a happy one..hugs

11/19/2015 11:02:22

pretty sunny day here, but cold and windy..hope your day is going well...hugs

11/18/2015 07:25:15

it's been raining here for 2 days now, and the winds have been pretty strong, but still in the 50's. unbelievable for the 2nd week of november. sorry i have'nt been able to be here more. still having trouble with my pc. hope the world is being kind to you..hugs

11/15/2015 10:56:39

We should have a pretty day with the temperature about 80 degrees. One of our sons was here for the weekend, and we had a nice visit. Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe it's almost here. Wishing you a great day. Hugs, Barbara

11/14/2015 12:40:45

hello, sorry i have'nt been here for a few days, i am really having trouble with my computer. think it's time to buy a new one..but it will have to wait till after the holidays. have a happy day..50's here today.........hugs

11/10/2015 07:15:50

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hope you are as happy today as this blue jay...hugs

11/09/2015 09:19:07

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27 degrees this morning when i got up. my dog was'nt sure if he wanted to go for our walk or not..hope you have a pleasant start to your week....hugs

11/08/2015 08:08:49

pretty chilly out this morning, the water in the birdbath was frozen, going to have to start putting the heater in it at night. hope you are enjoying your week-end...hugs

11/07/2015 19:11:51

Our weather is still on the warm side, but it was a pretty, sunny day. Hope you've had a nice day, too. Wishing you a lovely evening. Hugs, Barbara

11/06/2015 07:21:22

worked on the yard yesterday, got most of it cleaned up, and what is left will just have to wait untill the spring! feeling kind of sore this morning..hope your day is happy and sunny...hugs

11/04/2015 08:32:18

another nice day here again, probably won't have many left, so going to do some yard work..enjoy your day...hugs

11/03/2015 09:23:01

we are having a beautiful day here, should reach the middle 70's..hope where ever you are it's a nice day also..hugs

11/02/2015 08:20:45

happy november! can't beleive how time flys..hope your start to this new week is happy..hugs

11/01/2015 08:26:50

dispite the rain, we had quite a few trick-or-treaters. some of the costumes were so adorable. we went through 2 bowls of candy..but i think hubby was eating alot also..lol..hope your sunday is happy and relaxing..hugs

10/31/2015 13:10:19

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raining here , and probably thru the night. that will sure make for a spooky night..enjoy your day..hugs

10/30/2015 06:51:53

hello there! well halloween is almost here. the last couple of years we have had lots and lots of trick-or-treaters, but it's going to rain this year, so we may not have too many....enjoy the last friday of october....hugs

10/29/2015 20:07:47
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 photo 100822515_4975968_0_87adc_41863d39_m.png

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===Stopping by to say Hi...
and to Wish you a Happy Halloween!!===


10/25/2015 12:32:18

Hello...haven't seen you for a while. I hope you're doing ok. Hugs, Di


09/30/2015 09:38:43


Wishing you a great Wednesday. I have a lot of friends here that like Elvis so decided to do an Elvis one. :)A lazy day here with some rain. Take care Blessings &  Hugs Connie

09/08/2015 12:11:10

Hope you had a great Labor Day. We had a very pleasant holiday weekend. I even took one day and purchased some sale items. :) Have a lovely day, my friend. Hugs, Barbara

08/29/2015 05:19:20

08/28/2015 23:48:49
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===Stopping by to say Hi and
Wish You a Relaxing weekend==

~Mystic Rose~

08/22/2015 06:50:46

08/15/2015 06:21:32

08/08/2015 07:52:13

07/31/2015 07:16:30

.............. HUGS .......... Don ..........

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