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11/22/2014 07:20:35

11/14/2014 10:04:26

11/11/2014 16:06:45

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day joyful226

Honor of all that served and are serving our county Helping keep us
free this is created in honor of you. The little boy found a trunk in
the attic with this great grandma's wedding dress his great grandpa's
army coat and a picture of his great grandpa. The little boy is so moved
that he stands back and salutes his great grandpa, and then thinks of
all the wars past and present, and thinks of them all  the men who left
their women at home and today the women soldier that has to leave her
child. God bless all who have served in are military. Helping to keep us
free. Thank you so much for serving. by Connie Hull

Wishing you a very happy and good day. Blessings always Connie

11/08/2014 07:44:25

11/06/2014 23:50:56
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...Friendship is a treasured gift..
that gives our hearts a lift..A
blessing we just can not do
without..because Friendship is
what Living is all about!! Have a
Great Day!!...

 photo lady.gif♥Jade

11/06/2014 22:49:42
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===Whatever is warm and inspiring..
whatever means most to You..whatever
makes you smile..and brings you joy..
That`s what I wish for You!!
Have a Wonderful day!!!===

 photo 9mWuct2_zps34341477.png*Annette*

11/04/2014 22:58:04

Angel and lady Joyful226/Connie

Hi dear heart. I thought when I got done with this little greating it reminded me of this scripture: " Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it!" Hebrews 13:2 May you have a wonderful Wednesday. God bless you. Connie

10/31/2014 15:23:06

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10/18/2014 17:58:16

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Wishing you a cozy night my friend!

Cozy hugs, Robin

10/10/2014 11:10:22

......... Will be Closing the Pool this Weekend ............

10/09/2014 14:17:53

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Have a sweet day!

Hugs,  Robin

10/04/2014 15:35:25

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Have a great Weekend!

Hugs, Robin

10/02/2014 07:17:42

10/02/2014 04:31:12

09/29/2014 09:45:40

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We are having gorgeous weather here, but it is very dry. I hope 
we get some rain before long

I have to get out and run some errands today and tomorrow
I have a dental appointment.
Have a wonderful day, 
Hugs, Jean

09/27/2014 08:20:12

Good morning, Cindy. We've been getting rain lately, and we're very happy about that. The grass has greened up nicely. Our temperatures have been staying in the upper 80s rather than the 90s, and that's good, too. Hope your area is having nice weather. Wishing you a lovely weekend. Hugs, Barbara

09/23/2014 17:11:03

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Happy first day of Fall!

Cozy Hugs, Robin

09/19/2014 17:20:07

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Enjoy your night!

Hugs, Robin

09/19/2014 09:35:26

09/17/2014 16:41:05

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Wishing you a lovely night my friend!

Cozy Hugs, Robin

09/17/2014 16:23:20
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We each take different paths
in life..But no matter where we go
we take a little of each other..
everywhere we go..Thanx for being
My Friend :)

 photo 8ZVWdMR_zpse475b2f1.png=Mystic Rose=

09/14/2014 16:27:52

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Happy Sunday!

Have a relaxing night!

Hugs, Robin

09/13/2014 04:09:26

09/09/2014 08:00:26

09/08/2014 00:14:32
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==Wishing You a beautiful
Fall Week!!!==

 photo October1.gif♥Jade

09/04/2014 09:31:04

09/02/2014 07:48:29

09/01/2014 06:29:51

08/30/2014 06:50:35

08/28/2014 05:56:02

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