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11/14/2018 12:54:00

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11/14/2018 09:18:02

Good Morning online family blessed of the Lord : )

Its been busy here and had company over yesterday

Its colder now  the highs in the 50s. Be  safe and have a joyful day. Enjoy its beauty.  Hug 


11/13/2018 22:19:54

Thank you so much for the lovely &
fun comments. They mean so much to me. Even though you don't get a
timely response, I am so enjoying & appreciating the uplift to my
spirit, that I really need in these scary U.S. times we are living in
right now. So sorry to be so late getting back to everyone. I have
been so busy, I can only get here about 1-2 times a month right now.
The weather here in NH has been abnormally cold & rainy dreary,
for 2 months+. I finally have the (new experimental) veggie garden
put away for Winter, tell more about that, later.

I am so sorry I have to run there is so
much to do to get the yard ready for winter weather (weather which is
a long sustained, below freezing, 32*F) which will be here in a few
days, along with freezing rain & several inches of sustained
snow. I have so much to do, in such a short amount of time, I'll have
to take care of the stuff that will freeze to the ground first,
before it freezes to the ground for the rest of the winter. Talk
longer later

Thank you again, for hanging in with
me, I really enjoy the comments... have a great holiday season, how
ever you enjoy it. I'll be back before Christmas, Hugs T P

11/11/2018 15:11:36

Good Week Scraps

11/11/2018 07:50:59



11/10/2018 12:05:01


11/10/2018 08:53:26

Happy Weekend!

11/08/2018 18:52:13

Have a great Autumn night. Hugs


11/08/2018 13:20:44

Let it snow , let it snow, let it snow!!!!!
A glorious day to you as you enjoy your moments. I just had to bring down some of my snowman mugs this morning as some more snowflakes are falling down.

I just brewed up some peanut butter & jelly flavored coffee from Crazy Cups that Walmart had on sale early this fall. A most interesting flavor and I really kind of like it.  May your day be kind to you. Smiles  Gloria

Coffee is a hug in a mug. ~Author Unknown

11/07/2018 12:41:58

I am enjoying myself on this Wed. day seeing the snow out the window and enjoying a warm flavored toasted marshmallow mocha coffee while I am doing the usual household duties. Smiles Gloria

11/06/2018 10:03:57

Good morning and  may you have a great day.  Snow did come early this morning and will be coming  down  throughout the day.  I am having a great day for sure. Smiles   Gloria

By the way if you feel something hitting you in the back of the head  it just might that snow ball that I am sending your way.  ha ha . Silly me having fun while doing the daily household duties of finding those dust bunnies once again and finding afew more pieces  for the snow puzzle I just started yesterday.

11/05/2018 14:49:37

A pleasant Monday afternoon to you. Hope your moments are being kind to you.

I am enjoying some flavored  maple pecan coffee  at the moment and my goodness  I must say I am really spoiling myself.  I did finish the last puzzle so I am now going to do this one called  Over The Bridge To Grandma's House.

I am so excited for snow is to fall early  Tuesday and throughout day.  Can't wait to see all the snowflakes coming down.   Smiles  Gloria

11/04/2018 15:50:02

Hello : ) its been a busy weekend here. I do hope yours was relaxing fun and you have a great week ahead. Was trying to post a while ago but the lil thingy just kept spinning and not posting. :/

Hugs have a great evening. 

11/04/2018 01:21:09

Hi - how have you been and how's the weather up there?  I see by your temp gage it's really not that bad temp wise, but do you have or have you had snow yet?  

I just read from another Canadian gal on another site, that Canabis was made legal there - is it all only in some parts or  is it all over?  Don't know if you change the clocks there in Canada or not from Standard time to Day Light Saving Time, but most of the states do here, and  we just gained an extra hour as the clocks went from 2 am to 1 am.

  I should be tired as my son's girlfriend and I went out toa few  thrift stores - one of your favorite things do do - so we did alot of walking which my back isn't crazy about. Of course there were a few items begging us not to leave them on the shelf - so we had to take them with us.  You know how it is!! Then I stood for another hour and half helping her with dinner.  Thanks goodness she put the crock on and squash in the overn before leaving. She's a good cook and dinner was great again tonite as it has been the last couple times she has cooked.  It's so nice not having to do that and to think of what's for dinner and all that.

I guess I'll get back to working in the house tomorrow as I really have goofed off for two days now.  Just wish my son was home earlier in the day so I could get him to do some things around the yard, and with loosing an hour tomorrow (or today) I can't seem to catch him home during the daylight.  

Have a wonderful Sunday and be sure to catch me up on what's happending in your neck of the woods.

Hugs, Wendy

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11/03/2018 14:02:03

Blessings & hugs,Di

11/03/2018 10:29:05


Animals Image
Animals Image

11/03/2018 10:28:07

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11/01/2018 12:46:36

hello good morning precious friends i hope your day brings lots of good things your way. Hug .its turkey time ! Yey. Give thanks with a grateful heart

 photo turkey-clipart-png-transparent-10_zpsuvyexjkf.png

10/30/2018 10:44:34

Good Morning its 39F .watching Faith for our nation bvon

I did early voting yesterday. 

 photo 4e96dbb84abdea5c312439cabf94b8aa_zpsfnevv00q.gif

(((Have a great day my friend. Hugs blessings. ))))

 photo imageedit_3_7691565249_zps4tcaorhk.jpg

10/29/2018 12:01:44

mountains rivers forests

moving water

10/28/2018 20:13:44

That sounds delish )

10/28/2018 19:44:16

I brought you some dessert...oh G stop your making us all fat lol

 photo fall-8-1534283844_zpssepx1a7v.png 

10/28/2018 18:44:32

Thank you Mona always fun the have humour to keep us going.

Have a blessed night. G

10/28/2018 16:18:24

Hello thought to stop by hope your day is going well. G

10/27/2018 20:30:58

Sure hope you are enjoying your weekend! Chilly here now! Leaves are tu rning, so pretty! Hugs Shirley

10/26/2018 17:36:40

A cool a showery weekend for us but the rain will do good. Have a relaxing time.

Hugs, Eileen

10/24/2018 11:33:00

Geralyn and I attended the 82nd International Rice Festival, the oldest and largest agricultural festival in Louisiana this weekend. The festival honors the rice industry and the wonderful farmers who continue to bless the region with the abundant Rice Harvest. 

The festival offers food, the largest parade in the state of Louisiana, musical entertainment, and amusement rides. There are various contests such as Jr. King & Queen Contest, Rice Queen Contest, International Rice Eating Contest, Rice and Creole Cookery Contest, Accordion and Fiddle Contest, International Rice “Poker” Run, Classic Car Show, Rice Grading Contest, Rice Threshing Demonstration, and 5K Run Walk. 

Have a great day,


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10/22/2018 12:44:10

Have a great start to your week! Happy monday

10/22/2018 10:33:27

Hope the new week ahead is good to ya. 

10/21/2018 17:46:00

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