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Feb 22 2010, 6:08 pm by Elfmagic
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I borrowed The dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan from the library. My daughter, in her turn, mentioned him to me and I am rapt. He must have saved hundreds of dogs lives by teaching us all how to be the pack leader of our dogs as that is what the dogs all needed. I am only half way through the first season so have plenty of pleasure ahead for me.
Oh, and by the way, I have a cat called Sampson! :)

I have been rapt in a double CD I picked up recently a little cheapie called "Cafe` De Paris" with many of the old singers like "Maurice Chevalier", "Edith Piaf" 25 songs a disc. A veritable treasure and my daughter [late twenties] also puts it on when she visits. Ha! Converting the young to older music, what a hoot.

At the moment I am rereading all of "JD Robb" books which are a murder mystery futuristic suspense "In Death" series with main characters who grow in strength while introducing a few select other characters that become an integral part of the story. A really good read hence me rereading which I tend not to do as there is always another good book to pick up.:)
What can I say...I am hooked on JD Robb at the moment.:)

All the colours are beautiful in their own right so I would be hard pressed to pick out one.
I mean look at a rainbow, it is so beautiful.

My tastes are changing all the time. I do not eat meat now and do not miss it. I do still eat fish and I love fruit and fresh herbs which I am growing for myself. I have homemade muesli and homemade yoghurt [Greek style or plain] for breakfast with fruit and a vegetable wrap with maybe other things such as beetroot [home cooked as it tastes yummy] and an egg etc. At least I can eat the herbs now however the fruit trees are still very young. I am looking forward to the time when the fruit trees are laden with luscious fruit. Yum!
Update on the fruit trees [more than a year later], I am still waiting for some fruit to show itself. lol.

There are so many wonderful things to do in a day including having a nap if I want to that I quite love being retired with my four grown children living independent lives and husbands too.
I have enjoyed all my life although some parts a lot better than others, as happens to us all.
The slide show is a few pictures of my magic garden which I am so glad to have now as I have lost quite a bit through the heat and less water, a lot less water. :(
A new type of garden is starting to come about so I need to have some patience. :)

Music, reading [my first love],
netting [of course], my magic garden [always growing and changing, my cat Samson that I found when he was two days old, still with umbilical cord attached. He is now big and sassy.
Friends both online and offline. :)
My beautiful children and their spouses and then there are the gorgeous grandchildren all ten of them. I am a blessed woman. :)

I love reading and being on the net learning all sorts of things. It makes the world one very small village.
I have a very big garden with lots of gum trees, bottlebrushes, Grevilleas etc for the birds and butterflies.

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