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"The Love of All Creatures Great and Small."

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Movies with a nice Story: 'The Bridges of Madison County'. 'Green Fried Tomatoes'. 'How to Make an American Quilt'. 'The NoteBook'. Have a good laugh! Movies. Dislike Movies with Violence.

Country. Blue Grass. Classical. Rock.50's & 60's. 'Elvis'. Easy Listening. 'Enya'. Christian..Gospel. Funny.

A Good Book that holds my Attention. Grass Roots, Mother Nature Type Books. Alternative Therapies. Recipes. Informative Books. Humour!

Current time Victoria, Australia. .......... All Blues. Pastels. White.

Healthy Eating. Juicing. BushTucker. My Weakness is Sweets!!! I have to confess to a little 'Pig Out' on 'Junk Food' occasionally.


Photobucket Welcome to 'Erzsi's Page' .. to all Dear Friends of 'Noth' Wishing you "The Very Best of Life's Good Wishes'.. Erzsi.

Melbourne, Australia Current Weather

Born in Europe, raised in Australia from the age of 18 months. Both of my Darling Parents passed away 2005. Our 'Jacqui' Dog is not only a working Dog, she is also part of our Family.. she comes inside with us and has her nice snuggy Kennel to sleep in of a night time. Hubby and I have been married 34years.

Gentle, Kind, Fun Loving People. Music. Walks, My Computer.. and 'My Puter Friends'. Garden and Veggie Garden.. which is "A Bonus in the Hip Pocket". All Creatures Great and Small. Our Dearest Dogs 'Jacqui'and 'Peta'. Outings. Warm Sunny Days.

Meanness. Cruelty in all Forms... and Soggy Chips!

Artistic Talents.. Painting, Cake Decorating, Crafts. Cooking. Gardening. Computer.

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08/25/2019 19:51:21

Hello my sweet friends and family. I thought I share you what I bought and set up for Fall season. I had a hard time with the ribbon so my mom helped me with this. I had this on my mind for 2 days and thought I have a vace here at home and decided to decorate it. I love fall. I could live in fall weather all year round. Fall is beautiful. I love the colors. I'll be doing more craft stuff soon. I'm still learning. I hope you enjoy this. This is for you. I love you all and hope you have a bless sunday. God bless you. :-) photo fall flowers_1.jpg

08/24/2019 19:35:27

 photo GGSWU.gif

Hello my sweet friend. How are you today.

Sorry i was away. Been working and Family gathering.

Its a beautiful night tonight.

Nice and cool air.

Hope all is well with you.

Have a good night.

God bless you. 

08/11/2019 19:27:22

 photo q9yI-1iv-4.gif

Happy Sunday. I hope its a good day for you. 

Lots of angel hugs and Gods Blessings. :-)

08/04/2019 20:02:20

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Hello my sweet friend. How are you today.Hope all is well.

I have been working hard. Its been so hot,humid,hazy. 

Been cleaning and getting things ready for school.

 Cleaning desk,chairs,walls,doors,windows,lots of bathrooms.

What a job. Its looking like a new school.

Was thinking of you today and hope your weekend was good to you.

I hope you have a good night. God bless you. :-)

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