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05/22/2017 21:16:52

Hi my friend, Thank you for the congrates, so sorry I am so late to get back to you.

Well the cold rain lingered for months
& now we have been slammed with 90* screaming hot sun. It should
be in the 70's/low 80's. Been so busy, now trying to get the window
boxes done. 2 on the shady side 2 on the sunny side, so they need
different plants each for sun & shade. I let the chickens out in
the yard every day now. They are tick voracious, just love to eat
them. I don't bother with Guinea Fowl any more they are no better
than chickens, and literally take off in the Fall. They love to
migrate. No veggie garden this year, just a few container veggies.
Trees grew too tall & I have to change around the gardens to get
maximum sun for veggies. Next year... too much to do this year.

Pollen is worst ever. I am not usually
bothered but 3 mornings ago I woke up with swollen/itchy eyes, my eye
lids were bright red & eyes also bright red. I took an allergy
pill, I rarely do. The reaction lasted until noon & has been gone since.
Usually when something new starts to pollinate I may have a sneezing
fit & little bit itchy eye then my system acclimates in about an
hour. That was bizarre for me, and everything is covered in thick
pollen every day, since.

I have a clients chairs & table in
my yard, I am spray painting for them, to dress them up. I am worried
about the pollen, but in the hot sun & constant breeze they are
drying instantly between coats. Heat of the day I am in doing
housework, & connecting with you.

Now it's going to be cold rain rest of the week. As usual I have to run, & get back
to work. Hope it is nice where you are.

I will be working, but hoping all a
great Memorial Day & weekend. I will even though I will be

My friends “Down Under” stay warm &
I hope the Winter is mild.

Hugs TP

05/22/2017 09:22:01


05/21/2017 21:26:48


05/21/2017 11:35:43

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I can't keep calm because
i want summer now

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