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69 years old
Gilmer, Texas
United States

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Enchanted April, Quest for Fire, The Gods Must be Crazy.....The Wizard of OZ (not that I love this movie, but because I remember when I first saw the movie, at age 5, I stayed on the floor in front of my seat for the entire movie, and it was a long movie. It scared me to death. I still have visions of the Wicked Witch of the West which was Dorothy's neighbor in Kansas.)

Puccini/Turandot: Nessun dorma ...Pavarotti
Do you want to dance?
The Rose
Wind beneath my wings....Bette Midler

Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys..If you don't know who Bob Wills was you're way too young and not from Texas!

Anything Erma Bombeck wrote, anything Fannie Flag writes and anything Dave Berry writes.

I love to wear pink, even though I am a redhead. (At least it was red the last time I looked) I might be red and white headed by now.

Country cooking. Was raised on beans, greens and Macaroni and Cheese. Am now into more low-fat cooking, but I try make it tasty.

05/30/2011 15:35:37
12/28/2008 16:51:56


When my husband took an early retirement, I quit! Therefore, I have been idle since 1989 and have loved every minute. If things continue to rise in price, you might see me just inside the entrance to your local Wal-Mart. I'll be the Greeter!

Anything funny. Anything beautiful. Good friends. Good food and a good Mai Tai

Contention, strife, conflict and ironing! (hemming pants is right up there, too)

Writing, reading, crocheting, beading, traveling, collecting and cooking.

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07/24/2014 13:19:54


Hope you're doing better... Haven't been on FB today more than 5 minutes... just to send birthday cards!
A bit or more tired! Take care of you!


05/04/2014 12:47:45

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01/07/2014 11:20:57

I know it's afternoon but I don't have a Gif for that where I can toast my toes. Any one out there with one . LOL

We've had snow since December the 5th. Say we got a heat wave going here we're up to 8 degrees. Don't know the wind chill factor but it's still cold. LOL Helped my son get hubbies truck out of the snow and added more wood to the furnace and my feet are froozen ouch.

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