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mem_normal OFFLINE
68 years old
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
United States

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my name is Deborah but you can call
me just plain ol' Deb LOL...
I am a happily married woman to my 2nd husband, John. Between us, we have 6 adult children, 14 grandchildren, and 2 great grands that live all over the US.

We have 2 furbabies, "Maddie" (a king Charles cavalier & poodle mix), sometimes we call her "Maddie Mae Mae," and "Cassie" (a Lhasa Apso & Maltese mix), her nickname is "Sassy Cassie", they are the rulers of this house. LOL!

We currently live in Florida, I was born here, but I grew up in Texas, spent most of my life there. Since being married to John, we have lived in many states, due to his job moving us, he's retired now.

thank you for stopping by my page, please come back any time.

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09/20/2020 09:34:48

Have a blessed Sunday my dear friend.  God bless you.  Hugs 

09/20/2020 07:30:14

09/20/2020 06:16:36

Good morning.  Sunday is here and so am I.  Football today.  And the good news is, I have regained THE RED ZONE.  I thought it would never happen again and last Sunday I felt I was on Mars stranded.  I received my ballot in the mail yesterday.  And for a person who has no family or friends, I shall have to find a way to jump  through the hoops of completing the ballot.  There are certain stipulations to submitting the ballot and it makes it difficult for a person who lives in a FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE.  This morning, upon getting up and getting ready for my exercise, first the light bulb burned out in my lamp.  I replaced the light bulb, and as I was putting on some attire, I had my back to the lamp and heard a noise.  I turned around and the lampshade had disintegrated to a certain extent and was now on the floor.  The lamp is no longer usable for the purpose I purchased it for.  So now I'm back to a lamp I have had since 1969 or 1970.  And it was not new then as it was in a furnished apartment that I was renting.  Outside of this controversy, I am ready to continue with the day.  It is about 53° out and heading into the seventies later today.  I was almost overdressed for my exercise this morning.  Fortunately it was not a day I jogged on.  Have a good day.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

Turtle Sundae | Braum's

09/20/2020 04:56:38

Good morning Deb, feeling a lot like Fall. Wishing you a beautiful Sunday.

Best Spots for a Sunrise and Sunset in Florida - OUTCOAST
Blessed Be

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