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67 years old
United States

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The Notebook" is my all time favorite! I also highly recommend the new movie Soul Surfer!! Other favorites include "Pretty Woman", "Message in a Bottle", Sleepless in Seattle",and the new "Parent Trap". One of my other favorites is "The Family Man"! I also love classic films, and love the really old Jimmy Stewart movies, Shirley Temple movies,and Doris Day films.

 photo fff31834-c68e-4a22-8b73-212b6a8f3609_zps5104a15f.jpg

Classical PIANO!! Chopin and Rachmaninoff are my favorites! I also love Gershwin, Poulenc, and anything from the Romantic Era. Haydn and Scarlatti are also favorites! I have recently discovered some classical piano music written by Billy Joel...yeah, really!!...and it is fabulous. As for pop music, I love Clay Aiken, Michael Feinstein, Rod Stewart's new stuff, Tony Bennett, Melinda Doolittle, anything romantic, and I also love country music, and oldies from when I grew up in the 60's!

I had a music player on my page, but they keep shutting the sites down....guess we cannot have music on our pages anymore!

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Anything by Nicholas Sparks, Danielle Steel, romances, historical fiction, and biographies, self improvement books. I love Max Lucado books,and books by AW Tozer, Chuck Swindoll, and Charles Stanley. I loved the "Zion Covenant" series by Brodie Thoene. What a fabulous series! Now I read mostly on my Kindle or Ipad!

My favorite books of the Bible are Isaiah, Hebrews, and Romans.

 photo 1eb0a1e4-37c8-4996-b3e5-59dbf151d803_zps317cd238.jpg

Yellow and red...and Scarlet and Gray..Go Buckeyes!

Pizza, chocolate pudding, Pot roast with potatoes and carrots, salmon....and CRAB!!!

 photo images18_zps648d316f.jpg

Winter has arrived, and it has been unusually WARM here in VA and I am loving it! Temps have been near 73 today and it is the second day of winter! My great grandson is now just over a year old and getting cuter by the minute! I need to post some new pics of him for you all!

I am a hopeless romantic and a classical pianist and retired teacher living in Virginia! I moved here from Michigan almost eight years ago, and I love it here. Virginia is an incredibly beautiful state, and I have made some amazing new friends here. My family and friends are very, very dear to me. The most important person in my life however, is the Lord. I am a "born again" Christian, and my deep faith in God has seen me thru my difficult experiences in life. Overall, I really have had a wonderful, and very good life! I had a large private piano studio in Marshall, MI, and my students won all sorts of "Outstanding Performance" awards at local and state competitions, and participated in Master Classes with many famous classical pianists! It was a very exciting time in my life. Then, I moved to Florida, started a new teaching career and went through two major hurricanes...Jeanne and Francis!!! That was enough for me, and when Wilma was moving in offshore, I packed my bags and went home to Michigan! Who know what the future holds? I have started doing photography, and have learned quickly! I have already had a private two person show, won some awards, and have sold some of my work!! I wouldn't change my life experiences for anything! With the mix of sadness and joy that I have had, it has truly been an amazing life.

 photo images17_zps312fb052.jpg

I love....Babies, cool sunny days, photography, classical piano, Chopin and Rachmaninoff, sailboats, hot, freshly brewed coffee, tall ships, freshly fallen snow, spending time with very special friends, the USA, wrapping up in a warm blanket on a cool day with a good book, Christmas, the movie "The Note Book", reading, long walks on cool days, Jesus, pecan rolls, singing, Autumn, church on Sundays, family, traveling, San Francisco, the smell of lilacs in the spring, band concerts in the park, roses in the summer, Ohio State football in the Fall, the smell of a campfire, shiny red shoes, and watching figure skating in the winter. And ...I LOVE PARIS!
I love "Property Brothers", Michigan and the Midwest, "Dancing With the Stars", HGTV, the 4th of July...(my favorite holiday), Virginia, fireworks, and best of all time with my children and my adorable grandchildren, some who live waaaaay too far away from me!

 photo images16_zpsb5d6371a.jpg

CATS! And I don't like rude or obnoxious people, people who talk filthy and use bad words all the time, or people who are deliberately unkind to others. I really hate BUGS, too! I am terrified of bees and wasps as well, as I got into a nest as a child and was stung badly.

Photography, reading, watching Ohio State football in the Fall, playing on my computer,talking on the phone to friends and family, Play Station games! I never used to watch much TV, but lately I seem to be watching more again. My favorites are "Survivor", "American Idol", "Super Nanny", "Dancing With the Stars", "The Amazing Race", "Ellen", "Property Brothers", and "Dr. Phil". I love Ohio State and Notre Dame football, and HGTV.


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01/17/2016 18:21:05

Good week photo Goodweek.jpg

Hi Jo Jo. thanks for your comment and glad you signed into the hill. Hope you are doing well - nice that  your oldest son is visiting and trust you have a great time.Yes have not been able to put a pic on a comment using my tablet. very strange. Hope you  have a real good week ahead Joyce. all the best, Hugs and love  Moe

Hi Mo-Mo...HA! I remembered to check the Hill!!  Hope you have been doing well since the holidays! My oldest son is here for a short visit, so we have been enjoying his company!  I wanted to leave  picture for you, but it seems the web has eliminated the copy/paste feature..or if not, I cannot use it on my iPad....so I guess the picture will have to come once I get a new computer.   


01/14/2016 00:39:16

Flowers photo flowers3.gif

Hi Jo Jo, thanks for the letter forgot all about it so just sending you a comment. the days go by so fast and I am not as busy as I was before Christmas. Had a lovely one and hope the new Year will be a good one.  Have you moved as yet? starting to house clean my spring cleaning has now started. lol have to do it when I feel like it. Ihope you are doing well Joyce. and forgive me for not answering your letter of just before Christmas. take care and have a good rest of the week. Love and hugs Joyce.   Moe

12/31/2015 20:49:58

I am watching a t.v. series tonight. It seems like just another night to me.  Only thing is, I am a little tired.. I had little Joe this morning and part of the afternoon.. We played a few games and then watch some movies.. My niece dropped him off at 8:30.  Those little ones are so full of vim and vigger (must look that word  up...know it isn't spelled that way..hahaha).  Playing games that early is a bit much if ya ask me.Well, guess I will go back and watch another episode... Midnight looks like a long ways off.. I might not make it. Mind you, I rarely go to bed before 12:30.. Hope you have a nice evening!   Sunny!! :)

12/31/2015 20:42:00

Happy New Year! 

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