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I've adopted children and animals,
that doesn't make me special...
that makes me happy.❤

57 years old
The ❤ Of, Michigan
United States

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is my favorite movie.
(Yes, I'm a hopeless romantic,☺

(My Elise Doll)

You're listening to
♫ Loreena Mckennitt's - Mummers Dance ♫

12/29/2018 14:53:53

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~This is my PERSONAL home on the web~

Welcome to my page.
Please, take your shoes off,
rest your coat and relax yourself.
I'd love to have you stay awhile.

My name is Judi.
I'm a retired professional dancer/musician
and graphic artist.

Along with my family & friends,
music is one of my greatest passions.
I love making new online friends.
which makes this place very special to me.

I also have a bevy of animals :)
(They're kind enough to let me live with them, lol)

★★Proud "PRO-LIFE CONSERVATIVE" American!!!★★

❤My Family Having some Summer Fun❤

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09/21/2019 10:33:45

Image result for nice weekend images with pets

Image result for nice weekend images with pets

Image result for nice weekend images with pets

09/21/2019 07:54:48
Good morning on this Saturday morning.  Looking out the window at 7:00 AM, one would expect to see daylight with the sun.  There is an absence of this even though the forecast is for rain later this afternoon.  I went out last night and for the most part it was rather boring.  I did go into one establishment where they had the jukebox playing loud and some good songs on it.  Outside of that, I really didn't know anyone and in one establishment, there was only this writer and the bartender.  There were some people out on the veranda smoking.  I never did mount an expedition to find out if I knew anyone out there.  It doesn't matter.  I was able to get out into the real world and have a conversation with at least one person, a bartender.  It is always good to hear someone speak where it is not electronically manufactured.  For the rest of today my agenda is for the most part the usual.  I shall attend a church of my choosing later this afternoon.  I have thought about going to the mall and retrieving a free $10.00 in merchandise.  That is really not etched in stone.  I probably won't go because there are a couple of football games on TV.  If I go, I may issue a report at a later date.  My selection at the movie theater yesterday was good.  Science fiction.  I was disappointed at having to wait in line at the ticket counter.  I usually do not have to do that on a Friday morning but there were a couple of selections that seemed to be popular.  Not the one I went to.  There were only two or three other people in my theater.  I have no patience even though the waiting in line help me avoid most of the previews of selections in the future.  Have a good Saturday.  My current status amongst other things, I'm drinking the good coffee.  Ciao for now and watch your wallet!

Image result for ad astra

Image result for ad astra

Tommy Lee Jones plays a famed astronaut who isn’t as dead as everyone thought thought in the space drama “Ad Astra.”

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing

09/21/2019 04:28:26

A good day to you .We've
had 55 days of 100 plus temps so far this Aug. & Sept. with high
90's this coming week. Where is our fall weather ? Hope all is well with
you & yours & wishing you a great weekend....George

09/21/2019 03:05:43




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