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As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is proved; he is a shield to all those who trust in him Psalms 18:30

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I have a lot of favorite movies, so it is hard to choose which one.

Dr. Zhivago, Planes, Trains and Automobiles,Les Miserables, Count of Monte Christo. and on and on. One of my favorites of all time is "Walk The Line" I absolutly love that movie.

Warren, United States Local Weather

I am very picky about music. I only like Southern Gospel quartet singing, music from the 1920's, "the oldies" The Big Band Era, Dino Kartsonakis piano, Jazz(New Orleans style)

I cannot stand any of the music offered to day, even the "Christian" music is intolerable to me. It is usually the comtemporary Christian music that is popular and it makes me want to scream. I can't turn it off fast enough.

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Number one is God's word (the bible), I love books relating to the bible and biblical history. I love history period, so like reading American history. I like biographies, I prefer non-fiction.

Every color in the rainbow, but am partial to burgandy,pink,and all in between.

Also, I would have to say that my very favorite colors are red, white and blue. They never run.

I have seen this on others profiles, but I want to include it on my page also.



My three great grand children. Cami, Olivia and Charlie


Charlie and Olivia

Renee and Cami. (my daughter and great grand daughter)
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Ryan and Brandie praying before the wedding ceremony. (my grandson)
how do you upload pictures

Two beauties before the ceremony

Oh my, food!!!! My mortal enemy. Problem is I love it. Wish I hated it. I love to cook and am known far and wide for it. So therefore it is a constant battle. I make everything my own, and use very few recipes. I make my own pizza which is to die for. So I must say it is my absolute favorite. Next is my tomato soup. Nothing in the world like it. Here is a picture of my pizza!

img free

This is apple pie I made from apples off one of our apple trees. YUM!!!!!!!


This is what you look like after eating my my pizza and apple pie and butter cookies

Myspace Clocks, Sagittarius Clocks at WishAFriend.com

12/31/2013 19:09:01


I am a grandmother of 7 boys and great grandmother to two girls and one boy and love every minute of it. I am married and have been all my life it seems. I have a great husband, and a wonderful family. My oldest grandson is a pastor, his brother (age 22) is a Marine now serving in Iraq The rest are in college and grade/high school. We are blessed beyond measure.

Update: My Marine grandson(Chris) is now out of the military after spending 4 years in the Marines. God brought him back safely and we are forever thankful for that. He is now married with a precious little girl (Cami Rain) My next grandson will be graduating college in May 2010. He teaches high school math/science/chemistry. He loves teaching.

"Home from Iraq and in Mom's arms"

I will serve my country and protect it from all enemies, foreign and domestic! Take a bullet for my country...ABSOLUETELY!! Take a bullet for the domestic enemy that is currently sitting in the oval house...don't think so!

Let us all remember...he is not "your president" for 43% of US citizens that did not vote for him. We have to tolerate his stupidity, as required by law and clean up the messes that they will make. "In God We Trust"...not someone who is trying to play God. Something like "a wolf in sheeps skin" comes to mind.

My Christmas Tree


I like having good friends, being with family, playing scrabble on line, and just the simple things of life. Listening to my favorite music. I Love STRAWBERRIES!!!

I am a hopeless animal lover. I love anything about animals as long as the animal comes out the winner1656401_bigthumbnail
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site for uploading photos
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images from up

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I don't like being over the hill. It hurts...

Anyone who abuses animals or children. Sad movies involving animals or children. Sad movies period. I sound like a broken record...

Storms, especially lightening storms.
Politics and all that goes with elections.

I also do not like Halloween and all that is connected with it.

I hate spiders in any shape, form or size. I have a real phobia with spiders.

My confuser (computer) Baking, Music, Reading.
unique baby boy names starting with h

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03/03/2021 12:57:01





Hello my sweet friend. How are you today. 

I thought i share this video with you that i took yesterday

 at my DRs. appointment. It was a very cold day and windy.

I love Mother nature. My favorite bird is Red Cardinals.

My shoulder is not getting any better. Still out of work

and on workers com. I miss working.

I hope all is well with you and your staying safe and warm.

Spring is almost here. I hope you have a Beautiful day.

God Bless you. :-)

02/18/2021 15:30:26

Hello my sweet friend. How are you today.

I hope you are staying safe and warm.

It is so cold here in Maine. It started to snow. 

We are getting 4 inches of snow.

I sure cannot wait for spring.

I had my MRI done and The Dr found 4 things 

in my left shoulder. I will be getting cortisone shots.

I am tired of pain from the fall at work.

I hope all is well with you. Please take care. 

God Bless you . Have a great day. :-)

02/06/2021 11:12:14

My sweet friend. I hope you have a very 

Beautiful Saturday. God Bless you. :-)

02/01/2021 15:10:30

Hello my sweet friend. How are you today.

I am still in pain with my arm from injury

but i will get through this. It is a very long healing.

I am getting ready for the big snow storm.

We will be getting 15 inches of snow. 50 mile hr winds.

I hope your weather is good to you.

Please stay safe my sweet friend. Prayers are with you.

God Bless you today and everyday. :-)

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