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Except ye become as little children; ye cannot enter the Kingdom of God!

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Come Heal this Land by Robin Mark

Let the exile come, let the stranger come
Let the weary come find rest all you homeless sons
All you widowed ones, all you poor and dispossessed
For a table waits in Your Father's house
There the meek can come and eat
ThereĀ¹s a place of rest at Your Father's breast
Where His mercy is complete

Does a cry ring out from a broken nation
From a people who have been brought low
Was pride in our hearts, did we grieve Your Spirit
Have we blocked the ancient wells that flowed
Here is our covenant prayer
Who call upon Your name
We humble ourselves before You
We humble ourselves

Come heal this land, come heal this land
Come heal this land, come heal this land

Do the tears of One who gave all things for us
Do they fall from Heaven still because of us
For we have tasted grace and we have known Your mercy
But we have not shown this grace to men
Here is our covenant prayer
Who call upon Your name
We humble ourselves before You
We humble ourselves

May this land we love be a place of safety
Be a light for all the nations of this earth
May Your streams of love, may they flow here freely
Here where every stranger finds a home
Here is our covenant prayer
Who call upon Your name
We humble ourselves before You
We humble ourselves

Lost and Found by Robin Mark

When the rain falls
And it some days will
And the pavement under my feet
Sparkles silver in gold
In reflective light
That I otherwise wouldn't have seen

When the storm comes
And the strong wind blows
I will bow my head to push through
And every step that I take
I will watch and pray
And be sure my foothold is true

Jesus, don't you keep me from that storm
I want to walk that sacred ground
For You are Master of it all
And I am but a lost and found

And in the dry place
In the wilderness
When Your words seem so far away
I will think of my life and I will
Bless Your name
For Your promises never have failed

And when the night falls
At the end of days
I will lift my eyes to the Heavens
And we will shine like the stars
For eternal days
In Your presence forever and ever

So, Jesus, don't You keep me from that storm
I wanna walk that sacred ground;
For You are Master of it all
And I am but a lost and found.

Lost and found, lost and found
I am but a lost and found
For can there be a sweeter sound,
than singing with the lost and found?

Jesus don't You keep me from that storm
I wanna walk that sacred ground;
For You are Master of it all
And I am but a lost and found.

The Changed Cross and other Religious Poems

1863 by Anson D.F. Randolph

The Pilgrim's Wants

I want a sweet sense of thy pardoning love,
that my manifold sins are forgiven;
That Christ as my advocate, pleadeth above,
That my name is recorded in Heaven.

I want that adorning divine,
Thou, only, my God, canst bestow;
I want in those beautiful garments to shine,
Which distinguish thy household below.
Col. 3:12-17

I want every moment, to feel
That the Spirit does dwell in my heart;
That his power is present to cleanse and to heal,
And newness of life to impart.
Rom. 8:11-16

I want, oh! I want to attain
Some likeness, my Savior, to thee:
That longed-for resembalance once more to regain.
Thy comeliness put upon me.
1 John 3:2,3

I want to be marked for thy own;
Thy seal on my forehead to wear;
To receive that 'new name" on the mystic white stone,
Which only thyself canst declare.
Revelation 2:17

I want to so in thee abide,
As to bring forth some fruit to thy praise;
The branch that thou prunest, though feeble and dried,
May languish, but never decays.
John 15:2-5

I want thine own hand to unbind
Each tie to terrestrial things,
Too tenderly cherished, too closely entwined,
Where my heart too tenaciously clings.
I John 2:15

I want, by my aspect serene,
My actions and words, to declare
That my treasure is placed in a country unseen,
That my heart and affections are there.
Matthew 6:19-21

I want, as a traveler, to haste
Straight onward, nor pause on my way;
No forethought or anxious contrivance to waste,
On my tent, only pitched for a day.
Hebrew 13:5,6

I want (and this sums up my prayer)
To glorify thee till I die;
Then calmly to yield up my soul to thy care,
And breathe out in prayer my last sigh.
Phil. 8:8,9

"Come and See" by Bob Bennett & Michael Aguilar

Come and see, come and see
Come and see a Man from Heaven
Come and see, hear Him speak
He has seen the face of God

Come and see, come and see
This Jesus of Nazareth
Come and see the One that we
Have heard of all our lives

A voice crying in the wilderness
A voice from the sky loud and clear
A still, small voice deep inside
And a voice still ringing in my ear ... saying

Follow Me, Follow Me
And I will show you My Father
Follow Me and you will see
The Heavens opened wide

Come and see, come and see
Come and see this Man from Heaven
Oh, could it be? Could it be
We will see the face of God?

Dear John letter to the Devil

Man of the Tombs is a very special song to me. The Holy Spirit brought healing to my heart, spirit, and soul while utilizing this special song by Bob Bennett, a very talented musician. The kingdom of darkness is what I don't like!

Virtual Pet Fish

Maukie is so cool. I discovered this little virtual kitten on the Internet a few years ago. He isn't shy and loves to play. Maukie doesn't get hungry and NO kitty litter is necessary!

Virtual Pet Cat for Myspace

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Unto Us a Child is Born, Unto Us, a Son is Given...And His Name Shall be Called: Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God the Everlasting Father the Prince of Peace.

Wishing you a Wonderful Christmas filled with Peace, Joy, and Love.  Merry Christmas Connie PS I left my 2018 Christmas letter on Bulletins.

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