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Paypal account is NOT required; you can use any credit card! Paypal is our credit card processor, but you do not have to join Paypal to purchase.  We will continue with free memberships. We are testing new ad affiliate networks and pop-unders, so keep your visits ad-free* by getting a VIP membership!

VIP benefits include NO ADS (pages will load quicker), more upload space for gallery images and music, more personal message storage and special offers.

  • NO ADS! You will no longer see ads* on any pages on The Hill (forum may have ads)
  • MORE UPLOAD SPACE! One gig of upload space for photo gallery, music, etc. (regular users have less then 1/2 gb)
  • MORE INBOX SPACE! 200 message limit in your Inbox (regular users have 25 message limit)**
  • SPECIAL OFFERS! Software specials offered for VIP Members Only!
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We appreciate your support and hope you will take advantage of this limited offer for a Lifetime VIP Membership here on The Hill.

Have a wonderful day!

Thundercloud (TC) and Eightball (EB), Administrators

NOTE: We will not give refunds if you cancel or delete your profile. We cannot refund if circumstances beyond our control cause the site to not be available. Many of our members are lifetime members to our InfoAve News and have been since 2004, and we have been on the web since 1998, so while we cannot predict the future of the web or our family of websites, our track record hopefully speaks for us.

*No third party ads will be shown on your page; third party would be ads from google and other ad networks that are shown on our pages. FORUM IS SET UP SEPARATELY FOR THE HILL SO WE MAY USE GOOGLE OR AFFILLIATE ADS ON THE FORUM

**Private message database is cleared every 30 days so messages older then 30 days are not saved.

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