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68 years old
United States

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RELIGION: Christian - other
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Somewhere In Time
Second Hand Lions
Forbidden Planet
On Golden Pond
An Officer and a Gentleman
Bucket List
Shawshank Redemption
The Shining
The African Queen
Citizen Kane

Classic Rock
The Beatles
New Age Jazz
The Eagles

Anything by Nelson DeMille
Most things by John Grisham
Most things by Dean Kuntz
Robert Frost
Norman Mailer
Sarah Vowell
and many other people - limping or dead

Blue and Orange
Like all things dangerous, I am orange?

Ethnic foods of all kinds. You know, like Mexican, Chinese, German, Japanese, even, perhaps stinky tofu. I've never had it but I'd like a food that could, perhaps, beat me. I like seafood. I like chocolate. I like shredded wheat. I'm cheap to feed but I don't like fast food unless it's fast food I make myself - like a bowl of shredded wheat with blueberries or a bag of pretzel rods dipped in cream cheese.

I've never met a cookie I didn't like, but cookies don't like me, so they won't let me eat them. If I do, they get inside me and make me fat and sick. Nothing is worse or more unpleasant than a fat, old, sick me. You might have a different opinion. That's cool, I can live with that. I can't live with being sick though. I'd rather be alive and well than sick and dead.

07/30/2014 07:21:35
07/11/2014 07:13:30
03/07/2013 21:23:53

I'm a homebody; A stay-at-home, boring, weird, goofball. An eclectic old Bohemian, I like beer and reading. There's such a thing as a bad book but there is no such as a bad beer - however, some beer is better than others. You can judge a beer by the company it keeps. I like dogs and cats and most things with tails. I even like a good tailgate.

smart people, quiet people, people who like quiet people, quiet people who like silent people, people who talk about bizarre but interesting things, that would be all people who like me.

Stupid, shallow, superficial people. Well, that would be everyone who doesn't like me :)

writing, walking, reading, photography, old movies, other boring stuff. I'm a bore! A wild "bore".Yum, yum, eat um up! I'm the newest incarnation of the Wild Man From Borneo.

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03/16/2017 21:50:12

I thought you would want to know we lost a dear friend. Sad News Obituary for Angela Howell
Angela Berrelli Howell, age 68, of Dacula, GA passed away on Thursday, March 9, 2017. She is preceded in death by; Parents: Nicoletta & Thoamas Berrelli; Brother: Joseph Berrelli. Mrs. Howell is survived by; Husband: Richard Howell; Daughter & Son-in-law: Jennifer & Zachary Czapko; Sister: Ann Daniele - Doyl; Grandchildren: Skyler Howell, Tucker Czapko, Landry Czapko; Close Friend: Natasha Coleman; Several Nieces & Nephews. A Celebration of Life will be held with Family & Friends from 3-7PM on Saturday, March 18, 2017 at Zac & Jennifer Czapko’s home. Mrs. Howell enjoyed plus size pageantry and working with pet rescue. Arrangements by Tim Stewart Funeral Home 300 Simonton Road S.W. Lawrenceville, GA 30046. 770-962-3100. Please leave online condolences at stewartfh.com and contact her daughter if you would like to attend the gathering of family and friends.

03/16/2017 15:00:12

03/11/2017 17:55:02

<a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=34q1xcn" target="_blank"><img src="http://i66.tinypic.com/34q1xcn.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>Stopping by to say hello. My weather today is very windy and cold. We have a big snow storm coming tuesday into werds and its 2 storms together and they are talking about 2 feet of snow blizzard storm. I hope your weather is good. Know that im thinking of you today. Have a great day. God bless you. :-)Your in my heart and prayers. 

02/19/2017 17:49:20

<a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=28jblux" target="_blank"><img src="http://i63.tinypic.com/28jblux.jpg" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>Hello my sweet friend. Wanted to stop by to say thank you so much for the birthday comment. Sorry i have been away. Working a lot to make money to pay for living. 2 days now my uncle pass away from cancer. He is now with jesus in heaven. It has been a rough 2 weeks for the hole family. He got sick on christmas day. I lost 2 more uncles in jan from cancer and stroke and my cuz died in december from cancer so its been a rough year so far for me and my family. Please forgive me for not being here. I do stop by to check in on you and hope all is going well with you. Do think of u. Please take care my friend. Your in my prayers. God bless you with lots of angel hugs and many blessings your way.

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