Title: Snow Snow Snow
Blog Entry: We anticipated snow as the forecasters began their reporting here a few days ago. This is a rare event here, so whenever 'snow' is mentioned we get a little excited. It started out late last night as rain-then changed to sleet..and finally by midnight the white flakes made their appearance. It was still snowing at 830 this morning when I got up and staggered to a window. Finally around 11:00 am the snow left. Now we will be dealing with teen temps the next three nights. So even though the roads are semi clear now, that will not be the case in the morning. Can you say 'Black Ice'? I imagine my scanner will be blowing up as those that decide to not heed the warnings of bad road conditions end up in a ditch. Many area church's have already cancelled services for tomorrow. And I am sure come Monday those work commuters (many of them) will be staying home. My son commutes 28 miles west and hubby drives the opposite direction into Charlotte. Going to be interesting. So as we welcome next week, once again, the temps will start climbing back up..and by Thursday we hit 70. Welcome to the South:)  Dixie enjoying the snow this morning:)