Title: Introduction To Mandy
Tags: intro
Blog Entry: i currently have my profile set to private mainly due to my rotating work days and hours if all is interested in adding me on after reading the following introduction to myself you can i will approve you just as soon as i possibly can: hello everybody i have been here on the hill before but decided to create a whole new page this is a true place to call home. i am just a little shy at first but can be very talkative when i first get to know soembody so i work part time at a small grocery store chain which is gradually growing as front end service clerk a.k.a bagger. i will be on here mainly during my off days. i am involved with a very wonderful man who is 27 years older than i am even with that big age gap we sometimes have our share of problems but i love and care for him just the same. please no drama, judgemental people, b.s, liars, games, blockers and haters. please keep it friendly here. i ask all to please send me just plain typed up comments at this time the rest of the time i can only do comment bulletins here and there but as for personal comments not able to at this time. due to my part time job and i am on rotating days and hours hope you all will understand.  well the rest of the details about me will be just directly below and if there is anything i left out don't be shy, don't hesitate be sure to send me a private message and i will get back with you as soon as i possibly can. thank you all for being part of my page looking forward to chatting with you all soon. Peace! What I Like: Vintage, Nature, Candlelight, The Goddess,Space Shuttle, International Space Station, The Universe That Our Lord Has Created What I Don't Like: Haters, Blockers, Bad Gossipers, B.S, Liars, Game Players, Judgemental People and Drama Movies: The Bridges Of Madison County, Somewhere In Time, Titanic, Pearl Harbor, SpaceCamp and SpaceCowboys Music: Pop, Soft Rock, Classic Rock, Some Country and Hip Hop, Love Songs, Instrumental, Some Jazz and 50's through 90's Tunes Books: The Holy Bible, The Diary Of Anne Frank, Sixteen Minutes From Home The Story Of The Columbia Space Shuttle Tragedy, Star Trek 4 The Voyage Home, Mrs. Brisby and The Rats and Nimh and Journey To Thorn Valley Hobbies: Surfing The Web and Enjoying Nature Videos: Space Shuttle Columbia Mission Of Hope and IMAX Hubble and Titanica Bucket List: Have Children and See Our Beautiful Planet From Space With The Universe Beyond The Horizon