Title: Our Crazy Weather
Blog Entry: What bothers me most is it is unnatural for the weather to change so much from day to day. It's confusing to nature to be out of sync like this. It's been many years it's been like this. I first started to notice the changes back in the middle seventies. It has progressively gotten worse year after year. It affects the birds too. I seldom see a blue bird anymore. Jays and woodpeckers have all but abandoned Georgia. I accept the global warming theroy and the evolution of the planet but I worry about how long we have till human survival can continue to exist. I am just one little lady that enjoys nature. I miss hearing the wipperwill calling early in the morning. It has been decades since I've heard one.  I guess most people don't notice all of God's creatures that have gone missing, I didn't used to either, it makes me wonder what is really going on.