Title: My Stories
Blog Entry: As I've mentioned before, I'm trying to 'weed through' things I've collected over the years. Well, this week, it's a box of 'my writing'.  Back when I was writing daily, I usually wrote 20-30 pages per day.  I had started out with a manual typewriter, then graduated to a used IBM electric typewriter.  This was in the 1970's. And yes, it had the 'type ball'--which was interesting to watch. My husband worked on business machines, so once I even had a Friden Flexowriter that had been destined for the junk pile. I'm sure none of you have ever heard of those,  but they were the precursor of the word processor.  As you typed, it would spit out a paper tape--with 'hole punches' which contained the text of what you were writing.  If it had been a working model, then I could have stuck that tape back in to let it print out another copy of what I had written. But, alas, it was 'broken', which of course was why I even had it. All I needed was a decent typewriter; so this worked for me. But, I digress. Back to my story.   Obviously, I was a prolific writer!  My first 'story', was 50 typed pages, which I thought was pretty good for a 'story'.  Later, I went back & added a 'prequel'--and later, a sequel, etc.  By the time the orignal story was finished, it was over 200 pages. Over the years, when I came up with a new idea, instead of jotting down notes, I would just start writing. And that's what I found yesterday.  I thought of the Flexowriter because I found a page that had the 'holes' in the side of the paper, which aligned it: Apparently, this was going to be a short Fan story--a 'crossover' between Dr. Who and my own characters in the Star Trek univere. Yes, I discovered  Dr. Who in the 70's & I've been a Star Trek fan since the very beginning! When I saw this, I was excited to read it; however, it turns out, this was only the 'start' of the story. Sigh. I have no idea how I planned on finishing it!  One friend told me I should sit down and finish writing the story. I guess I will have to--one of these days.   In the meantime, I went back into this box and found more stories. I found an early copy of the first few chapters of my novella I named  ALTARA.  Then I found a copy of the first chapter of another novella, WOMAN'S WORLD. The complete copies of those are stored elsewhere.  I also found a copy of a time travel novella I called 2176 (written in 1976).  I also found some completed short stories.  One was a 'fan story' in the Battlestar Galactica universe.  Another was a fan story in the Star Trek universe with my own characters; that one I've already shared here at NOTH.   And yes, I found half a dozen other 'beginnings' of stories. One actually has six chapters written. But most are just a few pages.   As you may have guessed, I was really into science fiction romance in those days!  I called myself a Futurist.  I mainly wrote stories set in the future. But I did write one 'spy' type novella as well.   That's what was in this box. I know I have more writing stored in a file cabinet--and maybe another box.  I look forward to seeing what else I've written over the years!   My only regret is that I didn't keep the very first story I wrote, which was co-written with a friend when we were in high school.  It wasn't very good, but it was fun to write: I'd write a few pages, then give the big spiral notebook to my friend between classes, and she would write a few pages. And no, we never did 'finish' it.  She graduated the year before I did.  However, after I graduated and started at the local junior college, I got the idea for Altara--and started playing around with that idea. I worked on that more after I got married and finally finished it later.  That's when I started writing daily.