Title: B- Baby-sitting
Blog Entry: I started 'baby-sitting' when I was about 8.  Well, ok--not exactly Baby-sitting; my brother was 6 and my sister was 1 yr old.  Mom says I always called Debbie 'my baby'. I have a photo of me holding her right after they brought her home from the hospital; and apparently, I wanted to help as much as possible.   Later, when I was around twelve, my mom went to work, and I 'watched' the other kids during the summer.   To this day, my brother says that what made me the 'maddest' was when they refused to eat lunch! And then when I was about thirteen or fourteen years old, I started baby-sitting for neighborhood kids.  I think I earned twenty five or fifty cents an hour. I don't really remember for sure.  That and my allowance paid for the bird food and treats I talked about in my Animals blog.  But my first 'real' baby-sitting job came when I was in high school.  At that time, we had one public high school in town, which was pretty crowded; so the schedules were 'staggered'.  My classes started at 7:30am and ended at 2:30pm.  I suppose I must have answered an ad in the paper, but I can't remember for sure.  The 'job' started at 3pm. The mother of the familly picked me up at school and drove me to her subdivision.  Later, her husband would drive me home--to the other side of town. I believe she had five children. I would watch the younger ones and help out around the house as she got ready for work. After she left for work, the older children would arrive home from school and I would supervise them till supper time.   I fixed supper with the girls' help, for all of us; then the girls would clean up while their dad drove me home.  I enjoyed it a lot!    I'll never forget one 'funny' incident. I was making gravy to go with mashed potatoes and I had 'lumps' in the gravy. I calmly reached for a strainer and poured the gravy through it.  No more lumps! The kids got a huge laugh out of seeing me do that.   And yes, I did a lot more baby-sitting after high school. Once my own children were off to school, I decided to take it up again. I loved babies; and this was a way to 'enjoy' them without having more children.   At one point, I watched a total of 7 children, on staggered schedules.  One Air Force couple dropped off their three children at 6:30am as they headed for the  Air Base near us; they would pick them up at 4:30pm.  Another lady dropped off her two children about 10am.  And yet another, who worked a later shift, dropped off her children around 5pm and her husband picked them up around 11pm.   So yes, sometimes my days were very busy!  But not only did I enjoy having the children around, it also game me a bit of extra income.  However, you have to remember, at that time, no one paid very much for a sitter! So, no, it didn't pay as much as I could have made for part time work; but it was much more enjoyable. The last children I baby-sat for were my grandchildren. But I gave up full time baby-sitting long ago.