Title: E--Education & Environment
Blog Entry: E--EDUCATION & ENVIRONMENT   Education. I believe in education for everyone. When I was in high school, anyone who had good grades--and was on the College Prep schedule--pretty much expected to go on to college. I really hadn’t thought much about it, to be honest. I did have good grades (a B average), so my counselor had automatically put me on the College Prep curriculum.   Back then--mid 1960’s--our town had a ‘community college’; it was a 2 year Junior Collge--tuition free. We had to buy our textbooks, of course; but otherwise, the only ‘fee’ we paid was a $5 ‘activity fee’. Yes--that was it! Now, I have no idea what ‘activity fee’ meant. But I did know that without this community college, I probably would not be able to attend any college. My parents were your average middle class people, both working, but who really could not afford to send any of us kids to college without help.   Now, I have to admit: I’m a college drop-out. Yes, I should have continued with my education--at least for those two years. However, I knew what I wanted to do with my life: I wanted to be a writer; and I wanted to have a family.   I ended up getting married that first semester. Yes, I could have continued, since it was free tuition. But by then, I’d developed my style of writing--and was in the process of writing my first book. As I’ve mentioned before here on the Hill, I have never been published; but I’ve written about eight or nine ‘novellas’. So I ended up dropping out after that first semeter.    As a side note: I actually had the same English teacher at the JC as I’d had in high school--and she admitted she’d probaby taught me all that she could, when she asked if I wanted to switch to another class. I declined, probably already thinking I might not continue on, anyway.   I think another reason I ended up dropping out was that I didn’t expect to go on to a four year college; and the courses that counselor insisted I take really didn’t interest me. I think perhaps if I could have chosen what “I” wanted to take, I might have continued. However, at that time, I was still a shy, mousy person who didn’t speak up very much.   Now, of course, I realize how lucky I was: I could have gotten two years of college classes for ‘free’. I think all community colleges should still be free. By the way:  our 'community college' is now 4 yrs & they charge by the 'credit hour'. Average class load is approximately $2,000 per semester.    Environment. This is the only planet we have! It’s our responibility to future generations to do whatever we can to ‘save’ it. With the industrial revolution came pollution. Now that we know what our ‘carbon footprint’ is doing to the planet, we need to address the problem. It’s saddening to see people in authority not only ignoring what needs to be done, but also actually trying to undo what good that has been done.   We need to put more effort into ‘helping’ the planet--not destroying it. When we can put greed/personal gain aside in order to do what’s right--and necessary--maybe then we’ll be able to say that we deserve to be here.