Title: In Memory Of My Sister
Blog Entry: To My Sister Christy You Were The Only and The Best Sister I Have Ever Had. You Partially Helped Inspired Me To Get Into NASA With You and Christa McAuliffe's Names Pronounced The Same But Spelled Differently. Even Though We Had Our Disagreements At Times But We Still Always Laughed, Cried and Shared Advice To Each Other About The Struggles Of Everyday Life. I Strongly Feel That You Really Have Been With Me All Of These Years After I Have Always Felt That My Personality What Made Me, Me Was Our Mother and You. You Are Seen As A True Hero In My Eyes. Even Your Life Was Untimely Cut Short But I Really Do Feel A Part Of You Lives On In Me and I Will Be Sure Personally Your Legacy Will Continue Through Either Your Nieces Or Nephews. I Know That You Have Been Up In Heaven Now With God's Angels One Of Being Christa McAuliffe and The Rest Of Her Crew Of Challenger.I Will Continue To Think Of You Always, I Love You and I Miss You and Thank You Lord For Blessing Me With Such A Wonderful Sister Before You Called Her Home. God Speed Christy and Christa and May The Lord Continue To Bless Christa's Family. Mandy June 23, 2013 Cresta Lynn Wilson "Christy" Pike January 31, 1975-April 4, 2006