Title: Changing Monitors
Blog Entry: Am I the only one who 'changes' my computer equipment around?   Actually, I had just answered a Poll question about the size of my 'monitor'--then realized I had to change my answer! A few months ago, I put aside my larger monitors--21 & 23 inches--and started using my laptop with it's 15 inch monitor.  The main reason I did that was that I had put my cd/radio/tape player onto the desk, which left no room for 'extras'. I really didn't mind using a smaller screen; it worked just fine. But yesterday, I decided to clean off my desk; I actually wanted to use the cd/radio in another room. That left plenty of space.  So I plugged in my largest monitor and am using it now. Actually, the 'color' isn't exactly the same; & to be honest, I think it's "better" on the laptop! But that's ok. PS--I don't usually have both screens showing--so will probably change that later.