Title: An Omage To A Special Friend
Tags: angel
Blog Entry: his name is Jason. on Jan 8, 2016 the day i met him and hired me for his company was the 2nd major event in my life since the first meeting with my boyfriend Jerry has changed my life for the better. the job that i was hired for is a small chain grocery store Ingles that is gradually expanding. i worked over in the deli for 2 months before i was transferred to the front end working as service clerk better know as a bagger. hopefully soon to be training as cashier. the moment i met Jason at my interview. of course he was my boss but i never knew that he was another angel other than my boyfriend Jerry that the lord had sent to me which i was at the time in a very bad place in my life. i never thought that angels were not possible but both Jerry and Jason had proved that to me that angels truly existed. Jason is much more proof that angles do exist. while we was in training to promote and sale the Boar's head brand. i watched the crew in cabin video that was recovered after the Columbia STS-107 tragedy on my phone before class began. the more i truly realized that Jason has a lot of similarties to Columbia's pilot William Cameron "Willie" Mccool. mostly from there it was true hero worship. i have had fantasies about him which i knew that could not happen in reality with Jason being a family man and i have my 2nd angel Jerry but i NEVER EVER act out on them and NEVER WILL.  i mainly concentrated on my job and kept my relationship with Jason professional and continue worshipping him both as a hero and true friend. i even went out of my way to give him gifts and even got Jason some food whenever he got to busy at work and was not able to eat lunch. even i admit he was indeed eye candy. but i personally made sure that i did not get carried away myself. i even told Jason he has the same eyes and smile as Willie Mccool but of course he was in denial about it. he even told me at the point that i thought he was him but he is not i assured Jason of that he is not Willie but he does have his eyes and smile.  i shown a photo of Willie Mccool to other co workers and they too agree that there were similarties. to make the long story short most of the time Jason was very appreciative of the gifts. he even gave me hugs and even fist bumps. even out of no where while we were talking to one of the former co-manager Max, Jason put his arm around me in a hug and i thought why not i placed my arm around him too. Also Jason would be a total goof ball even make silly sounds like woo woo. he made me laugh always Of course me and Jason did have our bad days for sure but he was a wonderful manager and an even better friend.   July 2017 after i returned from a 5 day mini vacation i gotten news i felt broke my heart. Jason decided to step down and take another job with a different company a distribution warehouse. Publix to be exact. he wanted the job with lesser hours to spend more time with his family. of course which was understandable but still i felt sad just the same. i even cried 2 different times but was able to hold off the tears until after Jerry had went to bed. to be honest it felt like i was re living Feb 1, 2003 the day of the columbia sts-107 tragedy all over again. Jason was able to make 2 visits to the store now since his departure as manager. it was truly wonderful to have seen him again. but also part of me feels as well i have felt i have become so attached to him which i known i should not i feel like i just need for him just to stay away from the store FOR NOW! so i can heal from this and move forward so that way the next time Jason makes another visit to the store these attachment feelings will be gone and it will begin a new chapter with our friendship. to all who have read this i have photos of me and Jason along with an official NASA astronaut photo of Willie Mccool below so you all can compare and if you see the similarities that my co workers and myself see. you be the judge. closing to this special blog Jason you are a true angel from god and i truly feel that the spirit of Willie Mccool lives on within you and that you will continue to carry on with his legacy. i will truly miss your bright smile, great humor and the most wonderful job you have done as store manager. you have truly placed a stamp not only with mine but the hearts to all of us here at the store with the wonderful job you have done during your 3 and a half years as manager. may God be with you on your new adventure and may he continue to bless you and your family and that one day our paths will one day cross again. I love you christian brother in Christ. God Speed. A lways, Mandy July 29, 2017 <img src="" alt="jasonbanner" border="0" /> <img src="" alt="memorial mccool" border="0" /> <object width= "420" height="315"><param name="movie" value=",NZKad5O9vuo,dwNKE4s992Y,rHTdXQAMz_0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=",NZKad5O9vuo,dwNKE4s992Y,rHTdXQAMz_0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="420" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always"></embed></object>