Title: J - Jade Tea
Blog Entry: My favorite 'hot tea' is called Jade Citrus Mint tea.  I have a cup of this each morning.  It's also good 'cold'.  Here is the official description: Refreshing and invigorating, this green tea blend is a bright citrus balance of lemon verbena and lemongrass with a hint of spearmint and rich China Chun Mee green tea base. I get this--for now--at the Teavanna store in our nearby mall. Sadly, Starbuck's (who own Teavanna) recently decided to close all 279 of the Teavanna stores.  I suppose, after that I'll have to order it online--if it's still available that way.   I've been told it's also available at Starbuck's--but I have no idea if that's just by the 'cup/glass' or if you can buy the loose tea there.  I have to admit I've never been to a Starbuck's, for the simple reason that I don't drink coffee. I'm not even sure where the closest Starbuck's is to me!   One of the reasons I chose this typic for my "J" blog is that it's a reminder of how annoying it is when you learn that something--some product--that you really like is going to be discontinued.  This same thing happened with another flavor of tea that I drank a few years ago; right now I can't even remember for sure what brand it was. But I have a hunch it was from Lipton.  I do remember 'finding' it online, at a much higher price!  Needless to say, I didn't order it. I'm pretty sure most of us--if not all--can think of at least one or two times this has happened.  Yes, we eventually move on; but I think most of us still remember at least one item we still wish we could find again.  PS--I just found many comments on the Lipton site: it seems I'm not the only one who really misses their Bavarian Wild Berry tea! Sample: Why did you discontinue the Bavarian Berry tea? It was your best tea. Any chance of bringing it back? Please!!!!