Title: L - Library
Blog Entry: The public Library has always been one of my favorite places to visit.  I think that started when I was in seventh grade (about age 11 or 12). I can't remember if my school had a library.  It probably did.   But mainly, I remember visiting the public library, which was fairly close to our junior high school. I think the first time I visited it was to gather information for a 'term paper' I had to write for Social Studies class.  Or maybe it was just to find more or different books to read. That was so long ago that I don't really remember for sure. I soon realized that library had a lot of 'good reading' for children my age--fiction.  I became addicted to reading for fun. One of the first 'series' I remember reading was about a young nurse named Cherry Ames.   I think--from what I found just now--that the first book was called Cherry Ames, Student Nurse.   I don't know how many of them I read, but it was probably all of that series that our library carried!    I do remember that I was an avid reader; I was there so frequently, they amended the normal 'limit' of books for 'children' to 6 for me--the normal adult limit.  I think I would finish all six before the week's time limit was up.  I remember going to the libary after school and walking home from there.   I continued using the public library in every place we lived.  It was probably one of the  first things I asked my parents about each time we moved. Now, of course, I read 'eBooks'. So I quit 'going' to the library in person once I learned I could download books via my computer.  In fact, last summer when I had to physically go to the library to renew my library card, it was quite a shock to 'see' all the changes that had been made to our local library.  Yes, I had read about the renovations in the newspaper;but it was 'real' once I saw it in person.   And while there are surely more books to choose from in person, I probably won't be going back to the library until I need to rewew my card again. I have to admit  I 'get' more books via Amazon now; but I doubt I'll ever stop using the online library.