Title: M - Memories
Blog Entry: M for Memories.  This past week or two, I've been learning more about my family's past--mainly due to my brother's wife starting an account at MyHeritage.  However, while it's been interesting finding ancestors as far back as the early 1500's,  I've been more fascinated by the old family photos I've found while clearing out some boxes from my closet.   These are bringing back quite a few memories from my childhood. As for why I'm doing this--not only am I trying to get more organized, but when we were chatting (while waiting to see the recent solar eclipse), I learned that my brother didn't have any photos of our great grandmother, so I promised to 'find' some old family photos to share with him. This is a photo of my family from 1955; I know the year because my mom was pregnant with my younger sister. Grandma Alice took the photo.  This is the best photo I have of my great-grandma Champion, which is another reason I'm so happy to have found it. The next photo is of my grandparents with the first 3 grandkids: me, my brother, & my cousin. As I said, it's been fun 'looking  back' to when we were little.   I've been sharing these  photos with my brother and his wife, my sister, and my cousin Judy. I have a feeling I'll find even more photos as I continue my 'cleaning out'!   And yes, I'm remembering all the fun times we had with our cousins; at one point, we lived next door to each other and our mothers were best friends. So we spent a lot of time with the 'cousins'.   One sad thing I remember as I look at this photo: not long after this was taken, my mother nearly died from a brain hemorrhage. She was in a coma, in the hospital, for a while. I don't know any more details, other than my brother and I stayed with grandparents while she was in the hospital.   And happily, my sister was born in mid-February, healthy--and Mom returned to good health at some point.  The only after-effect was problems with her memory; but she lived to be 78 years old.