Title: R - Recipes
Blog Entry: Recipes.  I started collecting recipes many years ago--in the 1970's, I think.  Now, I've never been a "great cook". But I did enjoy baking.  Most of those recipes I collected were for desserts, my favorite thing to cook! I hand-wrote them and put them in a box. Now, this was long before I had a computer, of course. Back then, the big thing was 'punch' cakes. You baked a vanilla cake in a 'sheet pan', 9 x13 inches. Then, you punched holes in the top, usually with a fork. Then you poured in a mixture of 7-Up, jello, and/or pudding.   Then you would 'top' it with a mixture of jello & whipped cream.  I collected a large number of those recipes, with different ingredients and cake flavors.    But of course, I also clipped and saved many other recipes from our local newspaper.  However, I didn't actually 'use' many of those, since my husband is your typical "meat & potatoes" kind of guy--and not at all interested in 'experimenting' with different food! The cakes and cookies were about the only things I did make from those recipes. Many years later, I  sifted through those and saved only the ones I 'thought' I might use; later, I used my printer to scan those into the computer. And by then, I was saving recipes from online.  I now have several large Folders titled Recipes! I even put many of those onto CD's/dvd's. I have my favorite folder, of course: with Grandma's Chicken Casserole recipe, the family 'special' spaghetti sauce made from scratch, the three or four cookie recipes I use, and my favorite cake recipes, which include The Milky Way Cake. Those are pretty much the only recipes I use lately.   But...yes, I still catch myself saving online recipes--just in case.