Title: Tech
Blog Entry: T  -  Tech Today I'm playing Computer Tech! Some of you may remember when my 'good' Desktop PC quit 2 yrs ago.  Well, since I needed something right away, I bought a laptop, fairly good but not very expensive; it works fine. It's better in one way (i7 processor) but not as good in another way (6gb RAM).   However, I kept hoping that one day I could afford to get get this ASUS desktop looked at--and maybe fixed. After all, it has 12GB RAM (with a space to add more), an i5 processor, and was very fast.  Sadly, in the midst of trying to get it going again, back then I did a Refresh & the darn thing quit right in the middle of hard drive didn't have Windows on it any more. That's another expense, getting Windows 10 put on it  for $119.  Well, that was the quote I got when I 'asked'.  I've been using my very old Compaq laptop as an emergency back up. But it overheats easily--and it's very, very slow (only 3gb RAM). Today I decided to try something: I took the 500gb hard drive from that laptop and put it into the desktop.   Yes, it did the same old thing when I tried to boot it up: start/stop/start/stop, etc.  Then, I got the "Preparing to Automatically Repair" the pc--which then turned to: Unable to repair. Try other options. One of which I  thankfully didn't try: Refresh!!  (as long as this hard drive works, I can always return it to the old laptop) But...after about 15 minutes, it finally did boot up & it's still working half an hour later.!  I remember that back in 2016, as long as I didn't turn it OFF, it would keep working. So...I'm not about to turn it off now!!  However, a couple of funny things I've just realized: first, it has no internet since it's not wireless.  I'm pretty sure I have 1 or 2 ethernet cables stored here somewhere--so I might try that, if this keeps working. Next, it has no sound!  Yes, I do have speakers I can use if I want--but I hesitate to go to all that trouble.  We'll see how it goes first.   I'm using my smaller external monitor as well as 'wired' mouse and keyboard.  One thing I loved about this desktop is that it has plenty of USB ports! Something like 10, I think. we just see how long it keeps going! Fingers crossed!