Title: V -- VCR
Blog Entry: VCR--  A device which records/plays video cassette tapes. We used our VCRs frequently.  I put two movies on each tape--and by taking out commercials, I could get up to 6 tv shows on one tape.    I taped/saved all my favorite tv series--and yes, I re-watched them later. I had all of Star Trek: Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Star Trek: Voyager as well as all of Babylon 5 & many episodes of Dr. Who--and probably others that I don't remember right now.  Then, I saved 'special' episodes of other tv series: all of the Christmas episodes of Highway to Heaven, favorite episodes of Quantum Leap, Designing Women (only 1), Sabrina, Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Home Improvement (1 or 2), and even one Reba episode I thought was particularly funny--and probably a number of others I don't remember. When VCR was on it's way out, I started going through all my tapes--I had one large shelf unit full of tapes by that time, probably 200+ videotapes.  I copied my favorite movies from vcr to dvd. Then I started going through my 'saved' tv series.   Obviously, I didn't keep all that I had on tape.  But, I still ended up with quite a few dvd's.  Actually, that's how I 'remembered' the names of some that I had saved on tape: because I now have them on dvd. As new 'favorite' tv shows came on, I still saved favorite episodes--and a few series as well. I now have at least the last 4 Doctors (Dr. Who), a number of Chuck episodes, many Warehouse13 shows, most of Stargate: SG1 & Stargate: Atlantis, etc.  Yes: I'm a couch potato!   And now that I have DVR, I've 'learned' sometimes it's best to dvr the show & watch it later when I can fast forward through the commercials! That's especially nice when you're watching a 'drama'.  And yes--I've frequently gone back & re-watched a series from start to finish, especially during 'dry' times when most series are in hiatus.  But the last couple of years, I've gotten a lot more 'selective' in what I 'save' in either dvr or dvd.  Right now I have the Directv drv about 40% full--I'm still getting around to watching some Christmas movie, which I delete as soon as I've watched them.  Right now,  I don't have many things on my 'personal' dvr--which I had before we got the Directv dvr; I've been using it as a 'buffer', before I decide what, if any, of the new shows to save onto dvd. But since it actually holds more than the Directv dvr, I am keeping a few good movies on it, rather than moving them to dvd.  I may or may not change that later.   You may think I've wandered off topic; but, you see, my 'saving' movies and tv shows started with the VCR. And I admit: I was very upset when I heard that vcrs were on their way 'out'.   Now, I've gotten used to the dvd--and at this stage, I sure hope the industry doesn't dump that.  I doubt I could handle 'upgrading' to anything else at this point!