Title: To all members
Blog Entry: <a href=" "  target="_blank"><img src=" img/503/b/mam2m0usmgv.jpg"  border="0"></a>   A big thank you to all who took the time to view and congratulated me for being a featured member for the week. I decided to write my letter to all because my typing is comparable to a snail’s pace. Still, I want you to all know that I appreciate every single note. My original page was on there since the beginning of the Hill and you would probably still be viewing my picture in an animated box. lol When I saw the number Photobucket did to my page, I knew it was either redo or withdraw my membership, after all, I do have some pride. LOL  One member recommended I get in touch with Pamela D who so kindly, patiently  helped me fix it so a big Thanks to her from moi.(me) Oh, one more thing, I would be remiss if I forgot to mention the layout I used belongs to Doc Shell’s designs  With that, I’ll leave you with thoughts of a beautiful pale pink page by Doc Shell’s designs that will probably be on my page until hell freezes over. LOL. Judy (Come and visit ya’ all)