Title: Be sure to read the Forums--New Posts!
Blog Entry: I've had some questions recently on how to 'find' things here at  NOTH.  Well...what I do: when I first log on here, I click on FORUM at the top of any page. It's in the same 'line' as Browse, Blogs, Polls, etc. Very easy to find. Then, I click on NEW POSTS.    That will show you all the 'recent' posts from everyone, no matter what 'group' they are posting in.  Don't just stop at the first 'page'! Go on to the next...and the find everything from the current day's posts to the previous day's posts, etc.  I always scroll through, in case I missed something from the day before--or the day before that, if I've not been online for some reason.  I've posted in several places about our current Contest (as well as in the home page Shout Box)--and yet when I visit pages & mention it... I hear "What contest?"   If you scan the Forums daily, you'll be up to date on all that's happening, all over this site.  It's really the only way to 'know' what is going on here on the Hill.  Altara (Staff member)