Title: Born&Raised In Warsaw, Indiana
Tags: Life In A Small Town
Blog Entry: I was born the second child to my parents. My brother died at seven months. I was born in 1944. In Warsaw, In. After me, mom&dad had two more girls and then we had a brother! Dad use to make cement blocks for a small place in Warsaw. Mom was mostly a housewife. Worked away a few times not for long. With four of us kids her work was before her each day! We played in our yards or our neighbors&friends. We walked to school. Walked home for lunch, when we lived close enough. Dad later drove a cement mixer. Warsaw has 101 lakes in our county. Swimming&fishing were the big sports for us! When I got in seventh grade, I joined the band. Enjoyed it so much!  I can seldom remember eating out! Meals were eaten together. Dad had a packed lunch in his dinner bucket. Will write more another day!