Title: Living beside a Railroad Track
Blog Entry: I can remember when I was six years old, living beside the railroad tracks. Us neighborhood kids would yell, "Blow your whistle!" He would! I always stayed there watching until the Caboose would appear!! Sometimes the train stopped for water. Dad got aquinted with the Caboose man! The Caboose man, started throwing me bags of candy as they went through! I shared with the others. When Dad&Mom got me my first two wheeled bike, He is the one that pushed me and I just kept pedaling, until I ran into my uncle Dubs truck!! Dad was standing there but this gentleman was the one that got me started! Never forget him! Hobo's would sometimes jump off the train. My mother, had them sit on the outside of our little house, she gave them plate of food&probably coffee. My parents had very little, but their hearts were in the right place, giving to those who have needs! Be back later! Hugs Shirley