Title: Back up your Blogs & comments!
Blog Entry: Just a quick reminder: like me, you probably already 'have' the blogs you have written on your computer. But, if you haven' sure to do a 'screenshot' of every blog you write!  That way, when the site does a 'clean up', you won't lose anything.   We've had people complain about losing things like blogs, comments, etc--any time there's a site clean up.  But there's really no reason 'not' to have these backed up on your computer. We've talked about this a lot over the years.  I always 'screenshot' everything I want to be  to have a copy of: messages, special comments, blogs. You name it, I've done a screenshot of it!  Now, if you don't know how to do a screenshot...just ask. I'm pretty sure we've even covered that in the NOTH Computer & Help  group. But I'm happy to explain when someone asks.