Title: Talking On The Phone
Tags: Where -Are-You??
Blog Entry: This story I am about to tell, happened in the 90's. When I was still working at Zimmer,an Orthopedic factory, I started work at 10am. Many mornings I would do laundry or cooking or running the sweeper before leaving for work. Well, one morning I was cooking soup beans, had them really cooking fast!! I called my cousin Gerri, who lives in Plymouth. We were chatting away that morning, and suddenly, I loss her!! I kept calling her name! My phone back then hung on the wall beside the frig. I walked back to the stove and low and behold! The phone wire was under the flame of my bean pot!! Of course the wire was burned in two!! At the same time my cousin kept trying to call me, no Shirley! I wa standing there with the phone in one hand and the burnt wire in the other!! Never a dull moment around here!