Title: Food related post at Easter
Blog Entry: Good heavens....the Easter weekend was so different at our place this year. I mean seriously; where once upon a time it would be easter eggs city, we did not really have them this year! It has more to do with our girl sticking to her Keto diet than anything else.  Not that I was complaining!  No... not me.  Far from it! In fact, I am and have been for some time, rather allergic to the effects of sugar on the whole. So avoiding it is a very survival thing for me to do! I was not aware I had this kind of bad reaction to sugar and sugar related products.  Mind you the way I was raised, I'm not surprised I had no 'tell' instinct because my mother (bless her sainted socks) would not *underlined* have sugar or their basic products, in the house when I was growing up!  I'm serious! While other kids had cake, biscuits, lollies, tarts, Corn Flakes breakfast cereal, and including Rice Bubbles and ALL manufactured breakfast cereals, my mother utterly refused to buy such things, or have them in the house.  We were raised on rolled Oats, cooked or raw, eggs, bacon, milk for breakfast.  Lunch?!  During school hours-  a vegemite sandwich.  365 days per year.  Dinner was beef in the form of chops, steak, or perhaps fish, stews and such things with fresh vegetables every single day. Once a week, on Sundays - mum would put on a roast.  Either beef, or lamb. With roasted potatoes and vegetables.  Because the oven was hot, she'd often bake a home-made custard (from eggs) or a rice pudding.  A sprinkle of nutmeg and dinner was served!   So I had no idea of the effects of sugar and by the time I found out, I had become ill from the way I dived into it once I'd left home. I learned the hard way, exactly why my mother divorced herself from sugar, and all the products that were closely associated with the horrid time has gone by, there are more and more products on the supermarket shelves simple stacked with sugar! But I digress..... Our easter this year was without the once a year 'treat' if you can call it that - NO easter eggs.  Our food however, has been very good. I recently took to using pure unadulterated lard in cooking, and having noticed a huge improvement in digestion I fully intend on keeping it going.  It really helps having a fast and happy digestive tract!  Whatever else has been happening, I am pleased that we have sailed through a very tough time all of us, and keeping the home fires burning with happy people who are well fed without having their systems stacked with anti health oriented food and products.  I hope you may have enjoyed a super nice easter with family and friends. Take care and have a great new week.  Monday being a holiday, it will shorten the working week very nicely!